Spread the churns of revolt… Cardland broke up.. & scattered over Nycil road..
Sadness  flew in neon winkles… Rivulet dined in moonlight thru her navel ….
Navel  on, she  too  went to Darbari Canara  …. ---like a silly moon, pierced into dusts & Nycil---
Touched thou sperm  before a caterpillar…  Bindi reached  the crater of the earth …

And sky  celebrated fiesta fun thru lantern of the eyes …. ----  more surprise was kept in
Subarnarekha’s  incest from the lampstand of the earth.

God’s voice  at  His feet…  He said, “Hey Man, engage in war…
This pool of blood, this gunpowder… pool of smooth clouds of  all those peacocks
Across  all the Kurukhsetras….

Before the battle started & the war began,  He gave Man uniform of the ocean…
---Life under the palms… ashani of   fall from the tree & its branches…
Thereafter…  ballad  of rivulet  sang the woods---- towards  the poles….

Next full moon He would be a complete sky…---- Two eyes shall talk all the  strings of a Sitar…
---high n bright….—shoulders like the soil---- prayer submerged in divine hair of birds---
Spread over the Horizon.

And after the Dinner & super  on that very day He shall impart Man the very art of painting….
Because moon also becomes a shepherd…  ----
When He plays on His Divine Flute….

                LORD n THE COLLEGIUM
Third Floor of  God’s house I went to take on rent…     Calling bell rang the main entrance …
--A renowned artist came down  the door n showed  me d way--- step by sep.
Tiny penthouse--- a divine  blue landscape  between two windows,  … scent of whitewash , blue branches
Hey Bird-flier  wind, have ye  ever painted a Man….!

God laughed at my question… to draw up a Man , I  frequent Kumartuli…   but , that’s not my profession…
That’s  my only addiction…       I liked d room,  n  alighted after paying a quarter year’s advance into his hands

Bohemian young man of 42, He  had a strong  skeleton… stout body…  solid structure…  ( nicknamed Unfriendly Banyan to neighbours…  too  full of vanity)
Yesterday  forest  gotta  new  tourist….   a river… a professor by profession…    Butterflies of  multi hues
Bird-forgetting  smiling sleeps… a spring skirt  knee long…. Branch full of Richter  chlorophyll… proud pigeon chirps

He knew  how to love…. So He did not fear losing…. ----  A fierce Moon,  a shy river  immersed  in Krishnachuda geometry…. --- Acrelic Moon showed  not  D  Horizon….

His oldest banyan tree  floated  the speedometer   of d Professor…. And “MARCHPAST” He  reverberates
That Summon echoes  like d echelons of the Prophet’s  Colosseum

One life  ----- sky to land … sad yellow sailor
One  boat-sink----  seven stars’ grey  dark river
One seagull-------  Ashani under the chin
One Poem-----   Aged suffocation… knit of heart…
One tempest full of weep---- Radioactive movements around d eyeballs
One Hillock---   Plough seeds of Dynamite at all  door crosses…
One prayer---- Cut ribbon, inaugurate God off masks n ribbons
One sin--- Lunar uniform divides ten fingers…
One question---  How the two breasts fly wing like????
One love---  Plough Squirrel  , exchange  violins at  beach  kiss…
One physique-----A Game, a dirty game  , And….  I PLAYED  IT…..

Moon’S temp  107 Degree Celsius…. , high alt… Flying n touching hands, legs, & mouth of the Moon
If u know how to fly, flying is so very easy… Once u learn so, at least 15 types of blues… ---Sun blue, Pole Blue, or , even Armstrong blue… ---everyone can toast  his body  in  Moon’s proximity…

Suffocating seatbelt  exhilarating…. Glow worms throwing away clouds of  darkness off  unsatisfied ovary…
Boson points flying  like honeybees  by the ears….

Monitor weaves  the Moon Graph…   Just 40% light.. rest  , meshy Methane  lands…. –unirrigated, small rivulets  opening up thunders of thunderous displeasure… --- soon movements shall gain  momentum, Penguin Chins  shall start shining…

Darkness of Night  makes Lunar November  More prominent… Ice cream fries  within healthy winters …
Ice cubes hang off drowsy sensors….
Monitor informs, Lunar  atmosphere  is unfit for human cultivation…. But Boson point numbers shall go up if sunrise ups by 20 degree  at least … when Penguin’s color n physique shall  metamorphose…  Adolescent  rivers  shall  grow  skylike pregnant…. Their Ejection shall make Green the Woods, the Sky & the scurf….

Then, the plants of Humanity shall live up like Fathom

Translated By Aninda Ghosh.


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