Thank God street dogs of hope was wondering in the heart of life like Diogenes. Ümit got out of the cab in front of his house. A sad light was infiltrating outside the window. So his mother was still awake Ümit put his embarrassed finger on the doorbell. His mother's anxious footsteps was heard from inside.

''Who is it?''

''It's me mom.''

''Come inside my son.''

Torpidness was sitting at the corner  in striped pijamas.

''Good evening dad.''

''Good evening.''

As Ümit was sailing his room, his mother asked:

''Are you hungry, shall I prepare some food son?''

''No mom I'm not, I'd rather go to bed.'' Ümit shot down his bleeding sorrow to his room.''

The sound of horseshoes of the black horses of despair were being heard from the sky. The sky was being enlightened like exploding flashbulbs with the sparkles of the shields and swords that were in battle.  Their blood was spurting onto the city ruthlessly. The city was repeating an inured tiredness: The retired people were falling down like grapes from the branch of life.   

The shutters that were closed without any sales added one more ring to the chain of despair...
But the football chatters were going on in the coffee shops steadily. There were spider webs in the libraries..In his office in the Security Department, Cemal was listening to Ümit's report.

''Captain, the identity of the victim became clear. Her name is Gülsüm Şencanlı. She is a known prostitute. She is known as Fettan Gülsüm. She is famous  for trapping very young girls, and selling them.''

''God damn bitch'' exclaimed Cemal, unable to control himself.

''Her folder is thick because of her many crimes. She got benefit of the pardon and was discharged. She took over her business as soon she got out...''

''So this one also got the benefit of pardon, huh''

At that point, Cemal's heart had untightened the warp attached to the port of anxiety. His conscious was as light as a feather... Whoever this murderer was, he was specifically killing the traders that enjoyed the fruits of the last law of pardon.

''Ok tell me Şehrazat.Well...Ümit.''

With startled eyes, Ümit looked over Cemal.

''The report of legal medicine is the same as the others... Which means we don't have anything new in our hands...With your permission I am deepening the investigation about the victim.''

''Ok, go ahead.'' said Cemal. The peaceful birds of relaxation settled on the edge of Cemal's eyebrows. The night had penetrated to the marrow of the city.  Houses were all black silent.

The transparent wreckages of the city, meaning the street kids and the homeless, those trying to find consolation from thinner and alcohol, street dogs of loneliness and Cemal had been left in the deep darkness of the city. Cemal's loneliness was a heavy tonnage one.  He still couldn't have forgotten Gamze. In fact he never wanted to. Though She had never erased anyone's  name from his heart. All the Love that penetrated his life was like an old letter in deep corners of his heart. Some nights these pavements would be the residence of his sorrow.

Cemal was walking towards the heart of the night, as if he  had never stopped. He also didn't know the target of his sorrow. All of a sudden, a shadow approached from a desolate corner. An old man with his glimpsing eyes, and shabby dress crossed his way.

He said ''Hey boy! Leave the pain. Shake off and kiss the pink cheeks of hope. Never forget that every love is an excuse for you to get burned. You are propeller turning around yourself'' and dissapeared in the darkness again.  This time Cemal was not surprised. He got used to it. Taking a deep breath, he directed the barrel of his loneliness towards the house. He went into the house like a storm and lit all the lights one by one. He angrily stepped towards Gamze's picture that was standing on the table. He got the frame and angrily threw it to the wall.

''Now I'm content...''

Mountains on his heart became vapor and flew away. Everything looked brighter than before.

''Enough is enough. What was that, he cried.''

He immediately went to the bathroom and washed his sweaty face. His eyes were reflecting a clean page now.  Finally he had destroyed the fixture icon of his heart.

In the morning, he woke up with a flock of sparrows fluttering in his soul cage.

He  ran out of bed like a pebble stone out of a child's sling. The doorbell rang as he was leaving the bathroom and heading towards the kitchen. It didn't sound like a doorbell to Cemal, but like a dancing melody. Whistling he headed towards the door. As soon as he opened the door he kissed the amazement on Jale's face on the lips. Girl's face turned into embarrassed red. Her eyes became the motherland of excitement.

Cemal entered the station with a cigarette in his hand with it's pleasurable smoke and the wanderer birds of reverie in his inner pocket.

Those who have seen the fall of nervous fortress on his face couldn't leave their eyes. And the careless mimics that were organized on his face were so alien to the people of the office. Cemal even saluted one or two. People around him thought that this was a symptom of the doomsday.

As he was passing by the table of theft his eyes met with a young and beautiful woman officer's eyes. ''Not a bad girl at all Cemal murmured, turning and looking back. The girl was smiling to herself trying to cover up her shyness. What a girl she was!.. Her hair was like a bundle of freesia of Van Gogh yellow. Who knows to which blue sea belonged her eyes...Would Cemal's eyes be able to swim in this wild blueness.

While Cemal was writing his every step with all the comfort and renewing  on the white paper of his life,  his friends who were not used to his late coming was wondering where he was coming from. Cemal glided into his office like a swan.
 All the startled eyes were directed towards him. The molotov cocktail that was ready to explode every minute had gone, and a calm ocean wave had come instead.

''Good morning chief.''

''Good morning.''

''Are you fine.''

''Of course I am. Why?''

Well...We wondered about you because you were late.''

He said I had some business to do and walked towards his table. Necati’s hands were shaking with confusion as he brought the brewed tea to be drunk with his newly lit cigarette.

The raindrops were passing by licking the windows of the office with their mysterious whispers. A timid silence was walking outside. Cemal lifted his head up by a uniformed sentence that stood upon his ear:

''Chief you have a call.''

''Who is it?''
''Doesn't say who it is. This person insists on talking to you''

''Ok, I’ll take it.''

''Cemal's telephone rang to a piercing tension: ''Hello, who is it?''

''There's blood under every word.''

Cemal got startled as if he had a slap on his face. The inscriptions that were carved on the corpses were not published in the press. And this sounded like the others. He pulled himself up immediately and gave a signal for the colleagues to identify the location of the caller.

''Yes I am listening to you, what do you want?''


''Will you be more specific?''

''Tell me Captain Cemal, if the state itself puts a dynamite to the foundation of justice, what would a victim do?''

''What do you mean?''

 ''If you want to find me, search the beginnings carefully...''

''Hello! Hello! Hello!''


'' Could you identify the location?''

''No Chief. He hung up too early.'' Cemal put the receiver back slowly.

''If the state itself puts a dynamite to the foundation of justice...Yes it's definitely connected to the law of pardon. But how!?. Well, what did he mean when he said search the beginnings...Beginnings of murders, or beginnings of law of pardon ?

Or something else?..

This discomforting  telephone call put an end to all the happiness that had played on his heart like a ladybug, with the stroke of a sword. A  worried voice spoke five minutes later:

''Chief, it's him again.''

''Put him on right away!'' Telephone was put on immediately: ''Hello!''

''Blood voices on my handkerchief' ..''

''Hello! Hello! Hello!!..He killed someone again...''

The moon was whispering to the city from the gap of black clouds. The vibrant black hair of the sky was leaning on to the face of the city drop by drop. Desolation was standing in front of the night like a drawn switchblade

(To be continued)


Translated by Metin Anli
Edited by Aparajita Sen


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