SONGSOPTOK:  Dave, do you think literature or poetry is really essential in our life? If so why? And how does it relate to the general history of mankind?
DAVE HILL:  I think that literature and poetry plays a really important part in our life. Looking back through the history, the poetry was translated in to what we know as music and was passed on as stories. These stories were also told through the medium of creative speech and writing and without these being passed on we would have no history full stop. Poetry is essential in all our lives as a form of expression and most people who listen to the lyrics of their favourite songs and can relate to them are actually hearing poetic verses.

SONGSOPTOK:  Our readers would like to know your own personal experience regarding the importance of literature and poetry in your life. Why does literature, or specifically poetry, interests you so much? Who were your favourite writers during the early period of your life? And how have they paved your early days in literature?
DAVE HILL:  Poetry and creative writing played a huge part in my life up until the age of 16 when I lost my way in life. I recall my English teachers actually taking copies of one of my pieces home, giving it an A+ and actually using it as an example to other students. I have a copy and I would be happy to share this with you all at some point. My early inspirations were Shakespeare and Carol Ann Duffy. I also loved RAP artists such as Eminem and the Band JAMES for their poetic lyrics and rhyme.

SONG SOPTOK:  Do you think society as a whole is the key factor in shaping you up as a poet, or your poetry altogether?
DAVE HILL:  I think I had a lot of feelings, Dark, Deep, Passionate, Evil, Sexual stuff that had to be released from within and with the sad passing of my mom this time last year it just made me pour out all the things that were on my mind and led me to the point that I am at now with over 200 published pieces and I’m not doing relatable quotes and short inspirational pieces. I feel UNSTOPPABLE!

SONGSOPTOK:  Now coming back to the present time, do you think people in general actually bother about literature in general?  Do you think this consumerist world is turning the average man away from serious literature?
DAVE HILL:  Well this is the thing, I know lots of people who do write mainly about trauma but never share it due to fear of being ‘weird’ I  think that this is total crap and all creative gifts are to be commended and nurtured, ask some of my close friends about how I nurture their gifts. Some people are well beyond saving though trust me! I think in the masculine culture it’s laughed upon for like a ‘tough guy’ like me to write. But you know what I don’t really care.....Haters gonna Hate!

SONGSOPTOK:  How do you relate your own self existence with your literary life in one hand, and the present time and the socio-political space around you, on the other.
DAVE HILL:  We do not watch the news or any media other than things we enjoy, films games etc. It is pure negativity and scaremongering. The only thing I check is the weather (and that’s usually bad!) J .For me at this point it’s about experiencing things and the things I have experienced then writing them for people to relate to and help them understand themselves more.

SONGSOPTOK:  Do you think in this age of information and technology the dimensions of literature has largely been extended beyond our preconceived ideas about literature in general? Now in this changing scenario we would like to know from your own life experiences as a poet, writer and a creative soul; how do you respond to this present time?  And in this context we would like to know your own experience with “SONGSOPTOK: THE WRITERS’ BLOG”
DAVE HILL:  I think that the internet has blown open everything in terms of public sharing. I mean the internet is a place where people communicate with technology and then other people receive that message that is communicated to them via technology. I think that people do plagiarise a hell of a lot due to everything being available and some things get watered down and lost in translation. I don’t have time for ANYONE who takes credit for other peoples work as they have no creative skills. I have enough of these people around me as it is and I believe everything should be based on your OWN merit and not the merit of others. But hey that’s why I’m changing the world one day at a time. And if it was easy then everyone would do it right????
And on the blog, you guys are amazing and put so much effort and thought into what you do. I really appreciate you and just seeing this getting bigger and bigger!!!If you keep being so nice I may even write you a poem about SONGSOPTOK (now there’s an idea)

SONGSOPTOK:  Do you believe all writers are by and large the product of their nationality? And what are the factors which pay dividends and which become obstacles for your ultimate growth as an international writer even beyond your time?
DAVE HILL:  No. I think that creative writing is one of the most diverse forms of expression. Some people are more religious, dark etc but styles tend to be similar and this is a product how they have chosen to live not their own nationality.

 SONGSOPTOK:  Humanity has suffered immensely in the past, is still suffering around the world. We all know it well. But are you hopeful about our future? How do you react when innocent people suffer immensely in Gaza, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan or elsewhere? Whether it is state sponsored terrorism or sponsored by individual terrorist groups. Innocent people are the first victims.
DAVE HILL:  There are no bad religions, there are only bad people. GUNS DONT KILL PEOPLE, PEOPLE DO. I think it’s sad that hate breeds more hate and all this is ongoing. People should not have to suffer due to different belief systems but this is the sad world we live in I’m afraid. Me personally none of this affects me as I do not watch the news or anything that’s informing me of death, rape, crime, hate on a daily basis. My son will be brought up the same also as I don’t want him to be made anxious by the scaremongering media of today.

SONGSOPTOK:  Dave, tell us; do you believe one day may be in the distant future this world will be a safer place for every new born? When we will see each other as an equal in dignity and embrace everybody as human being overcoming all the differences of ethnicity, religion, nationality, racism? Bringing the world altogether?
DAVE HILL: I think people need to swallow their pride and stop power tripping if peace is ever going to occur. All the suffering in this world is because people are too proud to admit they are wrong or be open to the thoughts/ideas of others. I do not see this changing so all any of us can do is create our own universes and try to leave a good legacy for the new generation that follows. What will be will be, fate is fate, what we resist persists...............

SONGSOPTOK:  Many thanks Dave for spending such a wonderful time with us, we would like to conclude this interview with a personal note, are you satisfied about your own achievements in your life?  What are your plans for future? And how do you evaluate your contemporaries and what are your aspirations from the younger generation?
DAVE HILL: I am not satisfied yet until I make a bigger impact on the world. I have had to suffer and grow for negative actions of the past and some people can never forgive others for their past actions. Judging a person does not define who they are it defines who THEY are! I want to spread a relatable message to people and give advice in times of trauma and need. Helping people gets me high and negative people get me low. I have got some plans at present that are pretty amazing. You will have to watch this space on these though as I am not disclosing them in the concept stages. Love and peace to you all!
[Edited by Aparajita Sen]


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