The sun is sneaking through the ajar drapes
Playing ménage a trois with me and bed
Tiptoeing closer to the sacred union
Finally entering , forgetting to request
Plumping itself akin the sultan of the harem
The rays caressing face, hidden before in bed's embraces
Preventing my attempts to spooning closer, diving into mattress
The sun is jumping on the shoulders, engaging in the games
The blind man's buff or hide and seek, oh yes, seeking the pleasure
I am in between, the center of attention
The bed and sun competing in the feast of love
Full of deep kisses, hot and moist, from top to bottom
The hugs, the tickles, I'd better float in without any hesitation
Surrender to the making love


The disappointments are hanging , drying on the sun
After been washed with a blend of tears and anger
The big and small , the antiquated and the newer ones
I wore them to the dates, to work , to the weekend outings
Some used up so much, the material is stretched
Belonging to the waste bin, somehow still in view
The destiny, capricious lady friend, supplying
The unending queue of fancy look at undergarments
She say, my pretty girl, you check them out
I think they'll suit you well , i succumb, attracted by the color
Well, proved wrong, not pairing properly with character of mine
The strap of nastiness , the lace of degradation
The stupidity of the design or plain idiotic holes
Nothing to do but to discard, only to get the hopes in vain
Next time I'll try , it be alright, shine as a silk on sunny day
What sense to make a plans , to build the castles in the sky
Collecting golden dust of the scenarios that don't survive
Isn't it better go outside without forging any expectations
My disappointments are hanging still.....


Sahara, oh Sahara
Exuding heat no less than Etna spitting lava
Yet in the night shivering under the sandy blanket
Insanity of days not wavering, only the centuries of dynamics

You lay voluptuously, taking the space of the few countries
Like a woman sure of her charms on comfy pillows
Giving the lover of her heart signs with the eyes, you either conquer me
Or else..i conquer you, beware of the seductive glances

Stars are even tamed by your spartan beauty
Shining ever so bright, binding the mouth for a response
The nakedness, so powerful, so gratifying for insatiable passion
It overwhelms any lone traveler who dares to cross

The boundaries between the fantasy and the real world
Are washed off by one cataclysmic sweep of nature
Leaving bare minimum for a scarce population to survive
Sahara makes you change perception, keeping on your toes

[Margaret Gudkov]


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