Stand Still
The world stand stills
Me thought that was the end
A wriggle moved me passed
I got about it.

Stat and life
Stops the life
Ever I envy
About the nature
Is the fearing the creature
Even if I
I have the only way
To answer I oblige
Yours supreme come end

Self Analization
I am afraid, whether am I wrong
I did it for the good thing with
But I do doubt, did I gone wrong
Yes it’s the, I could understood.

I was lone and lonely alone for long
‘Was longing for someone to console
I tried to find someone who does.

To restore me as myself as before
I am afraid again, myself going detracted
Returning back to the same track, ’had travelled
Yes, Yes, I do agree, I am doing the same
I have to change, with immediate effect.

I promise, myself, and to you, I will,
I’ll try to be myself as before
And see whether any difference it make
AL I console to myself and to my god.

My own destiny
We are nobody when we are nobody
We are somebody when we are somebody
Money, me thought don’t affect relation
Me think my imaginations were totally wrong.

The smallest thing is the dangerous thing
It has got a sting in the back that
Pierces through your body unknown
Destroying you without your knowledge.

Never ever depend blindly
We won’t know when it will be provoked
The hidden qualities shoot up so unexpectedly
I was well aware of these things before.

So be cautious in whatever you do
Be alone in solitude is an experience
We don’t want to answer the unwanted
Nor face any ugly figure known to you.

Life’s one more dry for
Getting along with someone you
Cannot coup up with.



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