All my secrets are long gone
There are no pretty words I fear
In the end holding to hope
I dance amidst the fears

I gave my very essence true
To try to speak to the heart of you
But my song was unanswered
So I'm left with this solitary view

Fear not dear soul I'll soldier on
This has ever been my destiny
'But oh how I longed if only for a day
To dance in the arms of loves legacy

Don't let me be forgotten love
Please tell them that I sang
Even up until the end
When the bells of sorrow rang

It's been an amazing ride my dears
I wouldn't change a stroke
And now you’ve seen the heart of me
in every dream that I wrote

Miss me my dearest angels
but don't let my memory fade
When you see the stars at night
Know I dance to the song they've played

Remember when you had the chance
To dance with me through the stars
Dwell only in the beauty of
A love as free as ours

Goodnight fellow star travelers
It was a pleasure to join your dance
Let's hope we find each other again
In some other time and circumstance

You have blessed this weary heart
With the knowledge there still is love
And she will carry this message thru the stars
As she sings with the angel.


When the angel dances she is at her most free
She remembers her souls innermost fire
She lets go the hand of illusions there
Steps into the depth of her souls desire

The warrior in her fights ever for the light
Weaving the stardust into flames against the dark
She is so much stronger than she appears
There is beauty beyond wonder that shines in her heart

When she let's go of the earth that holds her bound
She is free to burn to the music of her inner song
The glory of her angel spirit rises as though a phoenix
Forever tempered in the fire that has made her strong

She learns to dance on the blades sharp edge
Controlling the balance that has become her destiny
Can you hear the echo of starlight captured
In the heat of the song that is her truest legacy

Watch as she burns away the hand of darkness
To stand firm in the flames of her resolve there
A woman born of mystery yet with a childlike grace
A subtle shade of firey red with a peace beyond compare-JK.


I know you're feeling wounded there
That the world has beaten you down
That you want to run away from all the pain
But I can be your solid ground

I know the darkness holds you in its grasp
That you believe there can be no end in sight
But I am here singing through the trees
I will walk with you every step of this deepest night

Fear not dear soul my angels will hold you up
Can you hear the song of peace they sing
And when you feel like you have lost the sky
I will be your hearts missing wing

You never were alone in this world
I was always right here by your side
Let me share the pain and give you peace
Wipe away all the tears you've cried

I have more than enough love in me
Let me be the very air you breathe
I'll hold you till the shadows subside
In my love you can always believe

I'll shelter you from the storms might
I will be the star that surrounds you with light
And when you finally see me shine
This angel will lift your heart in flight-JK



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