As I sit here drinking a brew,
 my thoughts naturally turn
 to you.

 Could he be the one for me?
 Will he finally help to set me

 It has been so long since I
 truly believed, if you are
 the one, my brain will
 surely be relieved.

 It has been so hard to hide
 my emotional pain, come
 and cleanse me like the

 I yearn to be wrapped up
 in your arms, so I will not
 need to worry about any
 more harm.

 So many nights, I have cried,
 alone in my bed, trying to get
 things out of my head.

 This promise, I will make to you,
 just love me soft and love me true.
 I promise that I will do the same
 for you.

 When I am sad, hold me in your
 arms, and I don’t want no phony

 If you say you will be there, then, be there.
 Don’t tell me you love me then disappear.
 I won’t be here when you decide to

 For you, many times I have cried and have
 waited, maybe we just are not meant to
 be fated.

 But this I can say for sure, though
 you broke my heart, through it,
 I have endured. You had your
 chance, but our feelings, you
 wouldn’t enhance.

 So I am trying, to again, move on,
 of me, our memories, I hope
 you will be fond.


 I find myself uncertain as we begin this New Year.
 I feel that there will be many changes in my life.
 what that will consist of, I do not know.

 I find myself looking at things very differently.
 like a child, who is learning how to walk. Slowly,
 I teeter forward, one step at a time.

 It is time to let go of thoughts and feelings that I
 know longer need. Things that have weighed me
 down for a very long time.

 Time to begin again, to do new things and to meet
 new people. A time to free myself of these
 things that have affected my whole life.


 Something about you was different in a way,
 that I still wonder about it to this day.

 They say age just doesn’t matter,
 I love the way that you and I

 At the times, when we are together,
 there is no place to me, that would
 ever be better.

 When I see the warmth in your eyes,
 for with my body, you are very wise.

 When you bend to kiss my lips,
 our time together, all time slips.

 I love to see the light in your eyes,
 looking into them, may not be wise.

 Then when I lay my head on your
 chest, together our hearts, we will
 let rest.

 Until the moment, when once again,
 our bodies will blend.

 [Sheena Mosier]


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