Getting Older

What is a child's heart but one that is shared with fun
though the world crumbles in chaos, street races we can run
finding the morning dew in the heat of the mid noon sun
and the colors of rainbow even if no one else can
let not craziness of youth in one's heart wan
or the child games to play be forever gone
for life itself is full of tears and troubles for man
why not then let soul be happy one?
time for trials and causes that have to be won
yet child's play is needed too to be a wise man
Age we must but our playfulness is not yet done
teach and fight with all might, passions to fan
but we also need to rest and have time for fun

Virgin Hearts

So shall be of every virgin's desire
To be a vessel of one that's light of fire
The honor of a promise made long ago
For a new world, the old to go

How can one discern the lie from truth
Unless one opens eyes to the harvested fruit
So many words of love and honor
Which one brings peace which one horror

Once a Messenger came to show the Way
Yet many hearers still are led astray
Now we wait for His second coming
Our souls are we truly with Faith preparing?

Once the Messiah came as a babe in a manger
Second one as a King, should our hearts shudder
End for evil wars and inhumane anger
No more of strife, fear, death nor danger

Yet are we still of pure virgin hearts?


angel in disguise
angel so wise
I need your advice
angel shall I ask twice?

angel so bright
angel of light
take away my fright
angel be with me tonight

angel with halo rings
angel who always sings
dance with me the swing
angel without wings

angel in disguise
angel so bright
angel with halo rings
be my special angel

[Lilian Dipasupil Kunimasa]


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