Warriors Cry
Some people say that life's to short,
Its the longest that we've got,
I'm taking every chance now,
I'm taking every shot,
My ambition is my spear,
My courage is my shield,
If you want to walk my path,
These are tools you'll have to wield,
Stand beside me my apprentice,
NEVER be scared,
When you travel on my path,
You will always be prepared...

[© Dave Hill 2014]

Fear, limited vision and lack of self esteem,
Fear can kill many things but It can't kill a dream,

Fear of change can stop us from growing,
Fear of our greatness can end up never showing,

Fear of the unknown can be dark and bleak,
Fear of not being strong will make us weak,


[© Dave Hill 2014]

The Person
The person who people try too hard to understand,
The person who is a shoulder to cry on and will hold your hand,

The person who tends to bottle things up deep inside,
The person with a soul far too beautiful to hide,

The person who will never fail to sacrifice their own heart,
The person who has a deep connection with people right from the start,

The person to whom all secrets are kept from and told,
The person who has long friendships that never grow old,

The person who is the brightness that shines in the dark,
The person who reflects while taking a stroll in the park,

The person who treats life seriously and not as a game,
The person who treats all people as equal and the same,

The person that's smile hides very dark places,
The person who only has one and not two faces,

The person who fights your corner and will never back down,
The person who swims in situations where others would drown,

The person who has suffered immense loss and grief,
The person that despite the fact still offers others relief,

The person with low self confidence and poor mental health,
The person who every time would choose happiness over wealth,

The person that has evil demons that often rear their head,
The person knows that they are needed and not better off dead,

The person who writes poetry when their low and their weak,
The person that remains optimistic when things look dark and bleak,

The person with so much ambition and has realized there's so much more to life,
The person who will make someone complete when they make them their wife,

The person who's had moments when they cannot control their emotions,
The person who has cried so many tears that they could fill the oceans,

The person with the sense of humor that can make anybody smile,
The person that wants to be happy forever and not just for a while,

The person who has a mind that has a beautiful mind they are trying to save,
The person writing these verses all along was me, yours sincerely Dave.

[© Dave Hill 2014]


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