Most people if asked would say they believe in God but evil is not dead and the killing goes on. I wonder about this and think if people really believed in a Higher Power and feared the final judgement day would this mayhem stop?  We have violence on our streets and the good people look at the news and shake their heads in dismay. What are we to do to save our world? The Bible says that there will be wars and rumors of wars in the last days and I wonder if we are living in the final days before we are taken home to God.

We are living in a time where partying, sex and getting high is the norm for many people and if you don't live that way you are the odd one. Is this another Sodom and Gomorra where people have forgotten God and are only interested in having what they think is a good time while we as a society is crumbling in despair.   Many dream of winning the lottery but when they win many have faced a new set of problems. They discover that money is not what will bring them peace. There are a many who live a life of faith and attempt to live a Godly life. I am greatly concerned about the young who are growing up in these day of television, movies and noise that claims to be music and that promotes a deranged way of life.

I believe in God but I have wondered what he looks like and how he has no beginning. Everything we know as humans has a beginning and an end so the concept of no beginning is hard to wrap my mind around. What is your belief and how did you get it? Many inherited their belief system from their family and the culture they were raised in. What amazes me is everyone believes they have the truth so I wonder how do you know. I was taught that our church was the truth, the last church, but my friends and relatives who are Catholic, Muslim, Baptist, and Eastern religions all think their prophets and religions are truly the final religion. I have a friend who claims to be an atheist and she and I have many of the same values that I have, so I say, how did that happen? Can you live a good life and have the same guidelines as a religious person and will God accept this good person even though they have not made the decision to believe in God?

What am I to do? I choose to believe in God and that is putting my faith in action. Faith is believing in something when you cannot prove it. But wait a minute; I have some proof that there is a God. I look around and find a beautiful world with trees, mountains, oceans, and all the creatures that inhabit our world. The biggest proof to me that there is a God is when you behold a new born baby. This little one cannot be an accident when you see that everything is perfect and working just fine. As you watch this child grow and see the little mind develop you know this is a divine creation.  Could you take some metal, wire and glass and throw it up in the air and low and behold you have a computer?  It takes a brilliant mind to design a perfect machine so much more for a beautiful world and a perfect baby.

Yes I believe in God a God who loves all of us and who answers our prayers. Sometimes I have felt he had forgotten me but sometimes the answer is no just like a loving parent must say no to their precious child. I believe we are in a war between God and Satan and God is letting Satan for a time use his devious ways to test us. This will prove that God does not force us but gives us free will to choose our path. That is my belief and you may have another belief and that is ok as God knows our hearts and I trust we will be judged accordingly.

I have wondered why God would want us to worship him. It seems that humans have a need to worship something even in primitive groups. I am not a hallelujah gal as my way is a quiet way of worship and trying to do as God would want me to do. It is treating others as I want them to treat me. It is helping those when you find someone who has a need.. Sometimes is just caring enough to listen to someone who needs to talk.  To me worship is thanking God for all our blessings and a big respect and love for him.

The conclusion for me is yes I believe there is a loving God. I also have many questions and am one who searches. I ask questions and read as much as I can about many issues. I am also fascinated with the area where Jesus walked called the Holy Land. I say keep searching and have an open mind and God will lead you and accept you in your imperfect state. God bless all who read this humble writing and may we all be neighbors in heaven, a place he is preparing for us.



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