In order to keep up with our changing world, we should embrace or at least learn to adjust in the constantly emerging evolution in technology. Along with the advances in different fields, comes the obvious “conflict” between the older generation and that of the young generation. Each one of us is capable to adapt to change but individually, we possess differences in the duration of how long we can cope or adjust (adjustment period) and the way of thinking we have greatly influences how we can accept the progress which is fast developing right in front of our eyes.

The Evolution of Technology Which brings Excitement to the Young

Young people in general are curious, enthusiastic individuals who are excited with the possibility of exploring new concepts, and are great in learning new technology faster compared to their older counterparts. They can easily get their way into new gadgets even without trying it hard. I believe that it is one major factor why the young generation can learn fast of whatever you get to teach them-  the sense of enthusiasm and the prospect of gaining additional knowledge gets them to be curious and up to their knees.

Globalization and the Older Generation

The older generation on the other hand, because they are used to the traditional or conventional ways to find it difficult to cope up with the constant progress in the world and would rather stick to the old ways than being adjusted to a modern world which is way too fast for them. They are more afraid of trying new things not because they are impatient but because for them, these things are just for the “young” and couldn’t want to be involved in that long period of adjustment again. They had learned enough during their lifetime, they would often reason out and don’t have much time left to explore the new world. There are also some older people who are quite open-minded and are also in constant pursuit of new frontiers and thrilling discoveries – they are the ones who always thirst for bright, new ideas and these include the visionaries and those trendsetters who help revolutionize the world for a much comfortable and conducive living environment for humankind.

How Do We Meet Half-way?

It’s not just in this evolution of globalization that brings about this common dilemma of generation gap but also in other things such as following certain conventional customs and traditions as well as beliefs which are handed down to us by our ancestors. Parents and their offspring often encounter misunderstandings along the way as the young generation is born into a much modern world which contradicts the long-standing beliefs of their elderly. Obedient children just follow their parents’ whim but occasionally question many things because of these underlying contradictions and “polarities”. Children and adults can learn from each other as they say and maybe that could be applied to this so-called “gap”. Open-mindedness should be taken into careful consideration as we get to gain knowledge each day of our lives. We can never say we are too old to embrace and absorb something new or that we know all things already. The young generation can help the older ones to appreciate the value of accepting the new trends in society without over imposing them but maybe it can be done in a more exciting and enriching way.



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