SONGSOPTOK:  It seems that fear is the most important primal instinct in the animal world. The two main manifestations of fear in the human society is centered around two entities: God(s) and Demons. We somehow learn to fear ghosts and spirits at a very early age and remain marked by that fear later in life. What is your personal experience? When did you start fearing ghosts and for what reasons?

MICHAEL SEUNOLUWA: I can’t be specific but the scary traditional movies have encourage the fear in me. i was very young though i encourage myself but nevertheless it’s always a subconscious thought.

SONGSOPTOK:  Very often adults try to control the tantrums of children by threatening them with ghosts and spirits. Do you remember any such incident when you were very young? In your opinion, do such methods have a permanently negative effect on children? In what way?

MICHAEL SEUNOLUWA: I remembered, we call it OJUJU CALABAR in my place and i wrote a poem about that. i apply it to kids to but the funniest thing is that they become master of this fear and scare you back with i did not have any negative effect on me.

SONGSOPTOK: Not only do we frighten children with ghosts, we often entertain them with ghost stories. When children learn to read, grown-ups often try to incite them to get into the habit of reading by buying ghost stories. What do you think of this practice?

MICHAEL SEUNOLUWA:  I think it gives power to the name “ghost” in our thinking which should not be. so i do not take it as a right practice

SONGSOPTOK: Adolescence is normally the period when we start asking questions about different things. Did you start asking questions about the existence of ghosts? Will you share the details with us?

MICHAEL SEUNOLUWA: Yes and sometimes, adult will naturally tell you some.

SONGSOPTOK: A lot of people claim to have direct experience of ghosts or other inexplicable phenomena. Do you have any such experience to share with us? Or experiences of people you know?

MICHAEL SEUNOLUWA:   There’s a story a woman who wakes up by the first of a rooster because it always means early morning like few minutes to three and they prepare for market for 4 a.m. this time, the crow was earlier, so she went out and saw a man on her way. the man spoke to her and dissappeared.

SONGSOPTOK: It is true that most of us like reading or watching films about ghosts, spirits or mysterious phenomena. Do you enjoy these things too? Can you think of a specific story or a film that really thrilled you? Do you have any favorite writers of this genre?


SONGSOPTOK: We find it difficult to accept that nothing remains after death, which often leads us to imagine the supernatural. We are naturally attracted to what lies beyond the known everyday world. What is your opinion about this? Do you think that everything ends with death? Or is it because since we don’t really know that we oscillate between belief and doubt?

MICHAEL SEUNOLUWA:  everything begins with death. it’s not a belief, it;s what those who don’t belief naturally ignore.

SONGSOPTOK: Almost all societies believe that the entities that exists in the realms that are beyond our understanding and our sensory perceptions possess an immense amount of power. But the capacity of humans is limited. So why does humans believe that the souls of the dead are immensely powerful? What, according to you, is the reason for this?

MICHAEL SEUNOLUWA: To think they are powerful is the inability of humans to see the supernatural ability God has endowed in us. the ghosts are scared of us, the demons are scared, because they are of humans knowing  the supernatural ability. so their  activities is to disrupt through informations through human agent.

SONGSOPTOK: As we grow more and more dependent on science and technology, it is possible that our belief in the supernatural will grow weaker with time. In that sense ghosts and other entities are likely to have a very dark future indeed. But wouldn’t that deprive us of a whole range of feelings and emotions? Wouldn’t we become poorer in our sensations? What is your opinion?

MICHAEL SEUNOLUWA:  The truth about science and technology is that it depicts the existence of God Almighty. so it doesn’t die

MICHAEL SEUNOLUWA: Teaches in an elementary school. Hew rite s poems. He has written lots of wonderful songs lyrics and likes to sing some and also sell some.

We sincerely thank you for your time and hope we shall have your continued support.
Aparajita Sen



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