SONGSOPTOK: What, in your experience, is the Instatus of a girl child in the family? Is she treated in the same way as the male child? If not, what are the major differences in treatment?

IULIA:  In my country, Romania, we don't treat kids differently, we spoil them equally :) J am a single mother with a daughter, equally spoiled by the entire family, grandparents , aunts, uncles and, even, my friends and neighbors. She is the apple of the entire block!!!! I probably exagerate.... I am her mother, I am entitled.... :)

SONGSOPTOK: Does the girl child have equal access to education in your country irrespective of economic or social status? What are the main factors that affect the equality or inequality of access to education?

IULIA:  Here, in my Romania, the public school is free and obligatory, regardless gender or social status till the ten grade. Unfortunately, there are case's of abandon due to poverty or exploit of kids especially, in the rural parts of Romania

SONGSOPTOK: Do you think that women, contrary to men, always have to make a choice between home life and professional career? Is it fair either on men or women? What is your personal experience?

IULIA:  I think the word career is a synonym for greed... The moment you go to work for fame and money, you sacrifice your family on the altar of greed, gender has nothing to do with this choice....

SONGSOPTOK: Detailed studies have shown that there are very few women across the world who occupy really top positions both in the private and public sectors. How do you explain this fact? Do you think that women are less qualified to hold top jobs or are there other explanatory factors?

IULIA:  This situation is the result  of decades of male "supremacy". As long as they won't  make place for women in the hire function, women won't "qualify' for these jobs. Greed again!

SONGSOPTOK: Even in the advance countries in the world, there is a large disparity between the number of men and women in political parties resulting in an under-representation of women in governments and elected councils. Do you agree with this point of view? What in your opinion are the main reasons?

IULIA:  Things are changing, slow  but they do! The reasons are the same:: greed and vanity

SONGSOPTOK: Do you think a larger participation and presence of women in all domains – economic, social and political- are actually required? Would it substantially improve the nature and quality of services and make the society a better place?

IULIA:  Yes, definitely!!! Simply because, through our nature, we are more responsible.... War is not an option for us...

SONGSOPTOK: Do you think that for women the choice of a career and that of a family life with children should be mutually exclusive? Do you think that women who opt for both are not totally successful in either sphere? What is your own experience?

IULIA:  Let's take my case: I am a single working mother and a poet.... I am a multifunction human being. Success is a greed and vanity manifestation! I take pleasure in all my occupation, therefore  I am  blessed!

SONGSOPTOK: What is your opinion about the role played by the mother in bringing up children? Do you think that mothers should take more responsibility for the well-being of the children more than the father given that other than breast feeding, almost every other responsibility can be equally shared between the parents? Please explain your answer.

IULIA:  The responsibility  is equally shared in my view. The breastfeeding is a responsibility equally shared too, meaning, that the peace and well being of the mother while she is breastfeeding is the father's most sacred mission....

SONGSOPTOK: “Women have been called queens for a long time, but the kingdom given them isn't worth ruling” said famous American writer Louisa M Alcott. Do you agree? What, in your perception, is the kingdom given to women?

IULIA:  I don't see the woman as queen or men as princes or kings... That time passed away. We all are humans and we must concentrate to build societies worth living in... Gender, color or race must not be a motiv for discrimination or bullying in nowadays.... Call me  naive, if you want!

SONGSOPTOK: Do you agree that professional women have to work at least twice as hard as men to attain credibility in her chosen career? What is your personal experience? Do you think that it is a rule rather than an exception? What in your opinion needs to be done to bring greater equality in the workplace?

IULIA:  Yes, I do agree! That is possible because there is an acute lack of respect towards women. We, the mothers , have to insufflate respect in our male kids. We, the mothers, must grow up our daughters aware of their rights!

SONGSOPTOK: Women who choose to be ‘homemakers’ often feel that they are not respected by society in general since they do not go out to earn money, though they probably have to work harder and for longer hours. Would you agree? What needs to be done to really valorize the homemakers?

IULIA:  In a society so avid of money, very little we can do!!! Changing the unit measure, placing other values as important, might change the perspective over homemakers...

SONGSOPTOK: On the other hand, working women very often have to juggle their professional and personal lives to be perfect both at home and at the workplace. What is your personal experience? Do you think that a woman really have to be perfect in both spheres or is this idea self-imposed? In your society, what is expected of working women?

IULIA:  Being perfect it is a very toxic principle.... Among to be perfect, it might work.... Not my case, either! My goal, to put my head on the pillow with a clear conscience!


We sincerely thank you for your time and hope we shall have your continued support.

Aparajita Sen:
Editor, Songsoptok.)


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  1. Thank you, Aparajita Sen!!! One single correction, my country is Romania! ;)


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