Feminism & The Cult of Silence

SONGSOPTOK: Do you think that there is a ‘cult of silence’ in the country and the society you live in, especially for issues involving women’s position in society and their rights? If yes, then what are the specific issues? Is it harmful? In whatway?

ANAHIT: Both men and women have the same rights in my country. In all democratic countries women and men are equally involved in all social and political activities. My country is a democratic country too. There are women in the government and parlament of the Republic of Armenia.

SONGSOPTOK: In case you think that there is no such cult, can you please explain why you think so? With some examples, if possible

ANAHIT:  It's obvious women and men have the same opportunities to take part in social and political activities in their countries. The UK and Germany which play a leading role in the world's politics are governed by women.

SONGSOPTOK: Do you think that there has always been a cult of silence in human societies regarding certain issues? If yes, then for what reasons? Do you think that it is actually a good thing to perpetuate such a practice? Please tell us know why.

ANAHIT: Centuries ago women didn't have any rights for of making decisions even in their own families. Men were dominant. In the modern world men don't dominate any longer.

SONGSOPTOKIs there a feminist movement in your country? If yes, then what are the specific objectives? In your opinion, is it necessary? If not, then what are the main reasons for its absence?

ANAHIT: A feminist movement may exist only in those countries which don't protect women's rights. There are a lot of women organizations all over the world to assist women to promote themselves and achieve success. Such women organizations exist in my country too.

SONGSOPTOK: What, in your opinion, is the position of women in the country you live in? Do they have equal rights in every domain as men? If not, then which are the main areas where they receive unequal treatment?

ANAHIT: Both women and men have equal rights in my country.

SONGSOPTOK: A ‘glass ceiling’ is a metaphor used to represent an invisible barrier that keeps women from rising beyond a certain level in a hierarchy. Do you believe in this concept? What is your personal experience in your personal and professional life? In the country you live in are there glass ceilings in different professions?

ANAHIT: In my country women have the same participation as men do.

SONGSOPTOK: What is your opinion about the feminist movement? Do you think it is necessary, both at a global and a more local level? Why? In this context, what do you think are the major achievements of the Feminist movement, if any?

ANAHIT: I think the faminist movement is necessary if women's rights are not protected and men still have a dominant role in the countries they live in.

SONGSOPTOK: A recent study (conducted by HuffPost/YouGov) concluded that only 20% of Americans identify as feminists, even though a whopping 82% believe that "men and women should be social, political, and economic equals.” Do you find this contradictory, and if so, why? What, according to you, would be the result of a similar study in the country you live in? For what reasons?

ANAHIT: I think both women and men should be equal.

SONGSOPTOK: One of the main areas of the feminist movement is sexual objectification of women almost all across the globe, especially on media. What is the reality in the country you live in and / or your country of origin? What is your opinion about this? Do you think that there is a cult of silence around this issue? Why?

ANAHIT: All the citizens are protected equally by the constitution of my country.

SONGSOPTOK: Finally, according to you, to what extent is feminism relevant in today’s society?

ANAHIT: According to me there will be the best life in the world if there is not any kind of discrimination.

We sincerely thank you for your time and hope to have your continued support.
Aparajita Sen



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