SONGSOPTOK:  Do you travel often? Is it for work or for pleasure? Do you like travelling? Why?

SUPRIYA: I travel for family requirements. Earlier on I had to travel a lot for work. I like travelling for pleasure.

SONGSOPTOK: How would you rather spend your vacations – travelling to a far off place or staying at home doing things you normally don’t have time to do? Why?

SUPRIYA:: Travelling to the extent budget permits.

SONGSOPTOK: What do you like best about travelling? What do you hate most? Or is travelling a real pleasure for you from beginning to end? Can you tell us why?

SUPRIYA: Get to see new places, meet new people and cultures. Long flights has its toll.

SONGSOPTOK: In your personal life, how do you choose the places where you travel? Are your decisions influenced by friends, family, television programs etc.? Or by the packages offered by tour operators? Who plays the major role in making the final decision? What are the deciding factors?

SUPRIYA: Very much influenced by family and friends currently. Packages also interest me.

SONGSOPTOK: What, according to you, are the negative experiences of travelling, if any? Have you faced any major problems while travelling, either in your own country or in others? What kind of problems? Are they avoidable or are they an integral part of travelling?

SUPRIYA: Loss of baggage, credit cards and money loss. Medical problems whilst travelling abroad.

SONGSOPTOK: “The traveler sees what he sees. The tourist sees what he has come to see” said G.K.Chesterton. Do you agree with him? Are you a tourist or a traveler? Why?

SUPRIYA: Love to be a traveller but I think I am a tourist. Not possible to be a traveler at this stage of life.

SONGSOPTOK: Do you think that traveling is indispensable for discovering new horizons? If yes, why? If not, then what are your preferred methods? Can you share some of your discoveries with us?

SUPRIYA: Not really. You experience a lot but it is not mandatory for expanding horizons.

SONGSOPTOK: As we know, not all journeys are fruitful and not all travels are perfect. We are often disconcerted and even shocked by certain things we see and experience outside our comfort zones. Have you had this kind of experience? Are they frequent or rare? Could you share some of your negative experiences with us?

SUPRIYA: Not really.

SONGSOPTOK: What are the things you always take with you when you travel other than things like documents, keys, glasses etc.? Are you a careful traveler or a carefree one? Do you always plan your trips to the last detail? Why? And if you don’t, why?

SUPRIYA: Yes I am a careful traveler.

SONGSOPTOK: According to Lin Yutang, ‘no one realizes how beautiful it is to travel until he comes home and rests his head on his old, familiar pillow.’ What is your opinion about this? Do you agree or disagree? Why?

SUPRIYA: Midway between agree and disagree. I enjoy my travels but feels nice once I am back.


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Aparajita Sen

(Editor: Songsoptok)


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