Healthcare system and India ..India is now home to 1.25 billion people and developing such massive human need some pragmatic solution at the moment where almost 80% Rural folks virtually have no access to world class health need though available in 400 big cities and towns but who can afford to get modern treatment in such medical facilities available...Nothing no one unless you pay huge money even for minimum harmless disease..And regarding Govt owned hospitals and health center India have massive infrastructures but lack of quality medial people .medicines..As a result mostly people depend on Govt facilitis for treatment coupled with so many pvt medical practitioners having degree or hoax who knows even still today In some rural area people depend on witch quarky doctors..We can conclude India has world class doctors and facilities but available to very few rich or middle class populations but large no of population left behind..So what to do...My only solution at the moment is political parties must remove money muscle mafia from political system. Unless politics are clean we cannot provide solution to people as politics is a science to solve social problem but politics mix with money mafia muscle then we lost the political will . And this is where Indian political system need to be corrected at fastest possible time as we have developed so much but in terms medical facilities we are going back to vedic time ..And when India is ruled by a saffronized political party we can only expect to encourages more fraud Babas like Ramdev Sri Sri Asaram who uses Indian vedic system to exploit large no people to get them more rich and closer to influence politics . And at the moment this is happening in India ..let us solve political cleanliness and then think of all round human development as inclusive human development is key to vibrant economic development of country .Good health means good economic demand ..more demand more products .more mfg . More jobs.

Today WHO identified some killer disease like Diabetes which has risen to 108 million in 1980 to 422 million in 2015 and estimated 3.7 millions deaths due to just one disease..So we need healthy people and Nation as a whole to take forward civilization to next healthy one .Awareness to healthy life is need of the hour. Prevention to disease is much more important that treating aftermath. Urbanization is rapidly spreading creating havoc to one's life living in concrete jungle sans oxygen availability and breathing more poisonous Co2 in cities. Rural villages with greens are becoming extinct due to greed of getting urbanization . If urbanization is key to development then I am afraid we the human are taking us to disaster..Modern healthy development never depending on urbanization..We don’t need smart cities of disasters but we need smart villages .Commercial establishment need to spread in villages with all comfort of valued life without causing eco disaster and it is possible..It is possible if we shift all non polluting Industries to such smart villages including IT sectors. Every smart villages must be within 400 Km of big cities with easy access to communications..good health centers ..Modern living standards . Grow more kitchen balcony gardens to fight rising prices of vegetables . With biodynamic system and rain water harvesting system we can change our present unhealthy living conditions to healthy one. Every housing society in urban and rural must exploit waste management system to create alternative energy resources which need to tap only. In Rural smart villages all school colleges’ universities must be available. In one word we need to break the system of living in cities only to get modern health system but to spread us to live in smart villages as well .SMART villages does not mean concretization of living roof top but we can create green smart villages as well .The main point of health care system is living in healthy conditions to prevent disease.

In terms health care system India has rich tradition of 14000 years old ancient Ayurveda system based on Vedas and still running successfully..Apart from that India practices modern Allopathy ..HomoeopThy Unani as well. Also Ancient Yoga part of medicines prescribed for maintaining Good health. Regarding access to such system Indian populations particularly Rural mostly dinied. Either they depend on God or using their own unscientific method of medical system. Still 48.9 % pregnant women in Rural depend on household ancient system for giving birth. As a result almost 34% women succumbed to such method and interestingly not reported for such to proper Authority and death remain buried under fictitious suicide or burn to death. Another factor Indian Women suffering are almost 49.7% malnourished and now imagine the statistic of almost 34% of children born on such malnourished women can never see adulthood when they reach to age of 12 to 14. This is alarming and we need to address this real problem of malnourishment and political will needed to look after that for future healthy India..One thing is clear without healthy India You cant reach to top of the world as a developed country and India has potential to reach to top and if India want to achieve that top universal health care system for every Indian is needed. To reach the top we have to develop Rural India first. Our approach must be to move U turn of pyramids system means develop Rural India and move to cities. But sadly our political system though talks lots of Rural but practice haphazard unorganized way to develop cities only and incur huge tax payers money on that coupled with borrowing from World Bank ..IMF fallen soon to dealt debt...As a result Govt succumbing to always increasing taxes to put pressure on people for high price rise in all sectors including health care system and become beyond reach of 70/80 % BPL middleclass people to afford...



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