Sometimes there are some
who are different from the rest
It doesn't matter from where they come,
we still could do our very best
to understand the way they are,
to help them on their way:
No matter if they are near or far
you still might need them one fine day

They might differ from anyone you know,
but they are someone you really can count on
- there might be more than they might show,
because if you need help, others would be gone...
You need to understand the way they are
to maybe help them on their way:
No matter if they are near or far,
you still might need them one fine day

Why don't you just let them be
exactly who they are inside:
Is it really so hard to see
differences are no reason to hide?
You just need to understand the way they are
to maybe help them on their way
- maybe it is you who really is far,
maybe it's you who's gone astray

Maybe they are closer to how it should be
than other members of society
- think about their right of liberty,
remembering the thought of equality:
They have a right to be the way they are,
so let us help them on their way
mankind should get closer - not so far...
There shouldn't be a need to say:

We are one race - no matter what role we play
We should act like this - and start right now – today


Sometimes it seems there's no way out:
If you can go somewhere you deeply doubt...
The situation is getting really bad,
for some reason you're feeling really sad

This is what real friends are for,
to stand by you when you think there's no strength anymore,
to help you find your balance back again,
or at least - to help you out by sharing your pain

When it's time you will be there,
helping them by doing your share:
Together you might find some way
- even if things seem bad you should stay

Maybe it's a lesson you still need to learn,
or there's something inside that still may burn:
You may need to find a solution as soon as you can
- but remember that we all still are just human

Always remember you still need to be fair,
even if the other one doesn't seem to care:
It is about the way you feel,
so that in time you can get to heal

Don't think that you are at your end
- there might still be good times left to spend:
Focus on the things you still can do
- I am sure you will find some good way through

Even if you feel really bad inside,
this is nothing that you really need to hide,
even if right now you don't know how - not even have a clue:
I am sure you'll be ok - because I believe in you
Don't lose your faith - even if it's strength you lack
Be thankful for the ones who stay and help you find it back
In time you might get the chance to help them, too:
Give back what you can - because they were there for you


I don't  know how
I don't know why,
but in a way it seems to show
during the time that's passing by,
for some reason there's a repetition:
I feel some kind of recognition,
like some time I've seen this before
- I'm not even sure if I want to know more

The songs are the same
from the time years ago
- do the interprets really gain fame
in showing something we already know?
It's still all the same - all over again,
the newest version sometimes even is causing pain:
Do they really lack inspiration? Don't they know what to do?
Is it really so hard to create something new?

You may not be aware
it has been there before
- maybe you don't even care,
but somehow sometimes there is some more:
There might be more than what you see,
even if there's not much mystery...
Maybe there is something to say
about what's happening today

We already have been there,
but it seems that we forgot...
This circling won't take us anywhere,
it really doesn't help a lot:
Just some other time or place,
it even might be another race...
We should try to learn from our past,
because the results we gain may last

At times it may get to be,
something is going really wrong
- there is never a guarantee,
but to admit it you must be strong:
Then together you can find a way out
- but this is what life is all about
We need to learn from what we went through,
so it's not the same mistakes that happen to you



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