Urban poor has been increased to 37% from 32% decade ago according to economic data released by Indian statistical Dept where as Rural poor are decreased from 67% to 60% .Thanks to Rs 2 lakh crore exposure to Rural India last 5 years in terms of developmental work initiated by Rural development Ministry but still long way to go and India need at least Rs 20 lakh crore exposure for next 10 years for further development of Rural India so that India can improve GDP to 16 % from present 5% and it is possible with 70% Pvt participation to 30 % Govt initiative to maintain India's mixed economy standard since 1991 economic liberalization and I believe India's mixed economy standard is now best possible solution world economy is facing so much hurdle at the moment
.How to improve Rural India Economy and I believe some thought I would like to share here which probably may throw some lights . Rural development is only a need and necessity for future economic growth to 16% with in 5 years .More than half of 1.2 billion populations of India lives in Rural India and Ambiance of Rural India mostly remain same even after 65 years of independence .The same age old class divides -poverty -no development -No meaning full Infrastructure in terms of roads ,proper housing ,health -Only muddy road -Only dependence of Agri products that too on mercy of rains and some good initiatives of Govt if any .People moves out of village for earning .Youths prefer stays out of villages for want of no meaningful resources available except the money lenders and the farmers who want to remain in village -starved ,hacked and face all kind of apathy of no education,health , kapra ,Makan and Roti .I find a real solution which can change the face of village in a big way
1. Inclusive farming (I say COSMO farming).===== In a just 10 acre land one can easily grow different Agro and Animal husbandry products which can fetch Rs 50000 to Rs 2 Lakh with in 2 years of installations consistently with 10 to 12 local employment .Imagine India have 6.4 lakh Villages --400 small towns ,Cities .With Rain water harvesting system and Solar power utilization and proper roads made out of MNREGA funds We can easily install such wonderful system of farming .Modern sprinkle irrigation system and good storage system in each village will add to value .
------Each farm will have small storage system and cold storage system by using Solar power and a good sturdy Bricks Cement Housing for the local employee to stay and live there with all kind of facilities as per Labor laws
--- Each COSMO Farming Model will create a Co operative system like AMUL of Gujarat say with in state with a unique name given by each state following their respective ethnic need and culture
2.RURAL BANKING ===== Each Panchayat of village works as Rural banking system under a major Bank which find it difficult to open Rural branches .Govt must reform banking system in this process
---Cluster of 10 villages will have one such rural bank with some corpus of fund given by Govt -To be monitored by Local DM,MLA,MP,and 2 agents of different political parties in the states .
---Every villagers will be the member of Rural Bank with token Rs 10 deposited every month by the member .Rural Panchayat bank will give loan to members who wish to start some Business ,for Farming -- pesticides ,fertilizer
--- Pvt money lending business should be strictly prohibited .The person caught will be socially boycotted or send out of village and all assets to be confiscated --- We can create 1 Lakh Panchat Bank for Rural employment generations
3. RURAL POLICE SYSTEM ===Govt can make Rural Police system by employing outside villagers as Gramin Police (GP).Each GP will have a small office -Internet ,Laptop and own intelligent security system .We can create huge employment on GP system with funds generated from COSMO farming Model and Govt help
-- We can create 24 lakh RURAL GP
4. RURAL STORAGE SYSTEM ===India produce 264 million food grains at the moment and India has achieved self sufficiency in food grains ever since our father of green revolution Dr M S Swaminathan came into picture in 1970 but no one ever thought of creating enough storage system since then and as a result we lost around 30% of food grain due to rat eating and over exposure to open space due to rain and no infra for proper movement of the products to local Mandi and subsequent delivery to the only storage system available Govt funded FCI ( Food Corporation of India Ltd ) with just 100 million Tonne capacity only -------As we failed to create proper storage system with cold storage facilities .India need every village one storage along cold storage facilities by installing 5000 liter PVC storage tanks in a 8 ft high Iron stand to save our precious food grains from Natural calamities and other disaster if any .
5 .Removing DADA tax ( political plus police force )
6. well organised supply chain logistic
7 . Good road rail and air infrastructure
08. Solid waste recycling and management
09. Affluent treatment and water recycling
10. Water and soil conservation and management
11. Renewable energy generations
12. Promotion of cottage, small, medium and agro based industries
13. Supporting local, small business with (Swadeshi) economy
14. Good transparent governance through deploying modern tools and technology
15. Immediate implementation of uniform GST instead of present complex tax structure followed by both central and state .
16. For food products GST should be 2% uniformly to entire India and for other products 8 to 12 % according to category of products as this will bring volume of more tax conversion rather Tax defaulters and people in large will happily pay the tax thus creation of black money will be reduced considerably
I sincerely do hope If Implemented then Rural will create millions of employments and food security to millions for which Govt has already given power to people in terms of FOOD SECURITY BILL and in this process Rural Indian will remain in Villages and contribute hugely to our economy and at least 16 % GDP by 2025 . We need 10000 developed villages out of 6.4 lakh villages in India with all kind of facilities Urban India enjoys with in 200 Km of Big Cities and Towns thus congestion of Big Cities in India can be minimized


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