Farewell  And Other Poems

A love letter

There are not words enough to find

for what I feel and have on mind

for all I worship and want to praise in you

and for what we blissfully tend to do.

I promise you eternity by night

you must not home to shades arrive

your beauteous spirit will here rest

when by my side you stay as a dear guest.

My never ceasing pain that lives in my bone

still singing the tragic song of being alone

for when you leave my dreams always end

with closed lips I thoroughly cry for you my friend.

Tomorrow I have no ground to set my feet

no power left for emptiness to defeat

with hesitation of my souls strongest energy

I hide in my fear, forgiving our deeds.

But how all misery with dying sparks was fed

and how all loneliness by burning fire shed

my numb possession falter what to do

when passion consumes everything of you.

©kerstin centervall

The Path I tread.

The Path I lightly tread with bare feet

a bed of smelling lilywhites

fragile, airy, balmy and discrete

carrying me to unworthily heights.

The thought of you, bids me go on

when shadows darkened the southern light

when misty mornings are forlorn

for early comfort, and for a crowned rite.

You bear my heavy deeds, my actions of just

you don't forget, if early or late

if truth is shattered into dust

You stop the murmuring mob of my fate.

Before me lies your plant of an adventuring path

the path you so excited bid me and entrust

my shame, my hidden face, my wrath

you unveil, settle free with your longing must.

©kerstin centervall


Farewell my sweet love and my pain

my parting friend, my tears of rain

farewell to my approaching fire

to my pleasing and hot desire.

Farewell to time, to days and nights

to golden gifts and shrinking sighs

farewell to each year I praise

what I in trembling feelings laid.

Farewell to pride I hungered for

from smiles which dies, before adored

farewell to those two eyes of yours

which sparkled for my hours gone.

Farewell to all our love we measured

and to the loss of all I treasured

farewell to the divine moments I have obtained

for that love I never more will gain.

©kerstin centervall



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