Sheena M. Mosier



Chapter 1

Where the hell am I? Jane thought as she tried to sit up. Wiping the sleep out of her eyes, she looked around her.  She was in a room the size of a closet. How did I get here? She wondered.
Her head was throbbing, as if she were hung over, but she didn’t remember drinking anything.  Rubbing her arms, she realized that it felt like something had hit her.

     “Hello, is anyone there?” she called out as if she thought the walls would answer her.  Shaking herself, she tried to wake up so that she could remember what happened. The last think she remembered was that she was digging up something.      Lying back against the wall, Jane tried to remember more of what happened.   She had been arguing with her husband,Dick.  She remembered going into his office and then something must have set her off but she couldn’t recall anything else. She remembered driving down an old country lane and    turning into the driveway of her Victorian house.     
She stirred as she heard footsteps coming down the hall.Within seconds, she heard a key in the door and it opened,  in walked  an officer.  “Mrs. Jones,” he greeted her, “My name is Deputy Scott.” “ Do you know where you are?” He asked as he sat down in the chair across from her.      “No Sir,” she answered.  “Follow me please” he stated as he stood up.  Shutting the door behind, him he made 
sure it was locked before putting a hand on her elbow and escorting her down the hall.
After making a few turns, she was brought into a small office and motioned to sit down. This room was not much bigger than the room she woke up in.  In front of her was an old oak desk, the person sitting in front of her, had their back to her.      After what seem like minutes, a feminine voice called
out to her. “Mrs. Jones”, said a feminine voice, “do you know where you are?”  What the hell is up with people, Jane thought,” No ma’am”, she responded. “Well then, let me see in I can refresh your memory,” the snotty lady responded. “My name is Dr. Russell, and you are at Palm  Hospital.”
Stunned, Jane nodded her head no wondering, how the hell did I end up at a mental hospital?  Confused, Jane said, “I don’t understand Doctor, where Is my husband and why am I here?”  All these questions came to her mind and she didn’t know the answers.

Chapter 2
Turning to face her, the Doctor practically sneered at her as she spread some pictures out in front of her.  “I’m sorry”, she said sarcastically. “I wish I could accommodate you, but your husband is dead, and you killed him.” The anger was etched onto her face as she spat the latter part out. Looking down at the pictures, Jane jumped up as she realized  they were crime scene photos. “No”, Jane shouted at her, “You are lying to me. Why are you doing this to me?” Jane shouted as she put her face into her hands.

“I’m doing this to you because you killed your husband Mrs. Jones.”  “You are a cold blooded killer.”  “Your fingerprints are all over the crime scene.” Trying to compose herself, Dr. Russell took a quick breath before she settled down, crossing her hands in front of her on the desk.  “Mrs. Jones”, she said, you beat your husband to death with a wooden rolling pin.”  “You made the 911 call, and when the officer’s got there, you were standing over the body of your dead husband.”  “You don’t remember this?” the Doctor asked sarcastically.

     Jane was at a loss for words. She didn’t remember anything and why was this woman blaming her?  “No ma’am, and why would I kill my husband? I love him.”  “Well”, the doctor stated, that’s what we are trying to find out.  

Chapter 3

Six Months Earlier

“Honey, I’m home” Jane called out as she came into the kitchen, slamming the door behind her.  “Dick”, she called out to her husband of ten years, “Are you home?”  After putting the groceries away, she walked out of the kitchen. She hoped he wasn’t home. He was being difficult these days.  He rarely came home at night, and when he did, he slept in the guest room down the hall.

     They hadn’t had sex since their son died a year ago.  Chase had been riding his bicycle when he slipped off a curb and fell onto incoming traffic.  After years of trying, her and Dick had been ecstatic when they found out they were expecting. Everything they did revolved around Chase.   When he left, there was  nothing left. 

     They tried grievance counseling but neither of them knew how to overcome  such a loss. They both had their own interests so they pursued them.  She had  no one to turn to, her parents had been killed in a car accident when she was a freshman in high school and she was an only child.  She did have some lost relatives somewhere but when she became a ward of the court, she lost 
track of them.

     As the days and month’s passed, she and Dick coexisted, as if they were strangers who lived next to each other, instead of in the same house.  He worked in a small accounting firm, the same firm he used to work in over Summer vacations when they were both in high school.  Jane worked as a
Customer service representative in a small cosmetic’s store. This wasn’t as she had planned her life, but they had married after graduation and they had to pay the Bills.

     Dick had become quite successful in his career as luck seemed to be on his side. They lived in a modest home in the suburbs. Jane occupied her time by working in her garden. This was good therapy for her as she looked from her vegetable to her flower garden. The smells tantalized her senses.  Since Chase’s  death   she was not even able to go into her garden, the flowers reminded
her of Chases’s funeral flowers.  With no other outlet for her, Jane slipped away into another world. Her outlook on life changed and she felt as if she was losing her mind.

Chapter 4

     Startling herself back to the present, Jane thought she heard voices from  the study.  Walking to the door she started when she heard her husband talking to another man. The door was opened a crack so she peered in. The  man  was sitting on the sofa.  Jane couldn’t tell who it was and she didn’t 
recognize the voice.  “Have you told her  yet?” the man asked.  “Told who, Jane?”  Her husband replied uncaringly. “Have you told her yet?”, the man asked again.  Laughing bitterly, Dick snickered.  “Are you kidding, she is so crazy that she doesn’t know night from day” he replied.  “Have you told 
her that she never had a son,” the stranger responded.  “How do you think I am able to come and go, bringing women home right under her nose”, Dick stated, laughing.  “She will never figure it out, so quit worrying,” Dick told his friend.

     Jane’s eyes flickered with recognition, the other voice was that of the local sheriff, Officer Harding.  “You’re going to have to tell her,” said  Officer Harding.   “She can’t keep going around digging up graves in the cemetery, especially now that Dr. Russell is going to be running for mayor in the next year.”  “I know,” Dick replied as he sat down at his desk.

     “I can’t tell you how much my life has changed since I met the good Doctor,” sighing, he continued, “I know that I loved Jane at one time, but I can’t face her anymore,  I no longer love her.  It appears that our good Doctor has put a spell over me, I think of her night and day” Dick finished.  “It was her idea to start giving the injections to Jane, she told me this was all a part of a scientific breakthrough,” Dick rubbed his hands over his head as he sighed.

Chapter 5

     You see all of this time, Jane thought that she was being given injections for her allergies. She didn’t remember having problems with this when she was younger, but was diagnosed by Dr. Russell a couple years ago.  Unknown to Jane, the injections made her sterile and after Chase, she was never able to become pregnant again.  Dick had been unable to tell her this because this “allergy” injection was illegal.  They didn’t want to harm her, they just didn’t want her to carry anymore babies.  Dick and Dr. Russell had been carrying on a love affair that started shortly after Chase’s death. 

     They had created an injection with the same side effects as pregnancy, weight gain, fetal movement and labor.  Every month, they would increase her dosage. What she thought were prenatal vitamins was actually medicine that would put her into a catatonic state.  However in Jane, something had gone horribly wrong.  Instead, it had put her into an imaginary world where  Chase was really just a figment of her imagination.  Everything had been a lie.

     Pushing the door open, Jane flew into a rage, staring in disbelief, at what she had overheard.  Officer Harding  jumped out of his seat, “I will take this as my cue to leave,” he stated as he walked briskly out the door. Hearing the front door open and shut, she screamed. “Dick, is all that I just heard true” she  cried as she walked slowly towards him.  When he was unable to look at her, she
screamed, “How could you?”  “What gave you and Dr. Russell the right to use me as a guinea pig?”  

   “Honey” Dick recovered his voice, “I know you are upset with me, but please, let me explain.”  “Explain” she shouted,” you want to explain to me why you  had me drugged, thinking that I was pregnant? Thinking that I had a son?” Hysterically, she screamed at him, “There is no explanation that can make  up to me, what you did to me.”  With a sudden burst of strength, Jane picked up a paper weight from his desk, throwing it at him, hitting him in the head.

     She stormed out of the room, and ran into the kitchen. She couldn’t believe this.  As she angrily ran her hands threw her kitchen cabinets, she finally found what she was hitting for, it was a heavy, wooden rolling pin, she used for her baking.  

     Storming back into Dick’s office, she hit him from behind, and he fell onto the floor unconscious.  She knelt over his body, beating him with the rolling pin, until she grew tired.  Throwing down the rolling pin, it dawned on her what she had done and she ran out of the door and down the  road. She had to get to the cemetery. Once there, she dug until she couldn’t dig anymore. Looking up, she realized that there was no reason to dig, Chase had never existed.

     Sighing, she stood, heading home to see if it all was true. She walked Into the office, spotting Dick’s lifeless body lying on the ground.  When It had dawned on her what she had done, she went to the phone,  unemotionally, and started dialing 911.

Chapter 6 

     It all came back to her now, as she sat in Dr. Russell’s office. The headaches, the pain in her arms from digging up what she thought was the grave of her son,  a son who had never existed.  Her life had been a joke, created by injections from this very woman who sat across from her, sneering in her face.  

     Rising from her seat, Jane began to pace the room. She didn’t want  the “good” doctor to know that she remembered, everything, but soon, her rage would overcome her.  Walking over to the chair that she had sat in moments ago, she turned it over, broke the leg off and within a flash, she beat the doctor so severely, that it took three officer’s to drag her away.


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