The sound of my fervant soul
the thumb of this impassioned heart
the cheeks as red as Adam and Eve's apple
My hair blown in the madness of wind,
In one hand, a bouquet
of white flowers;
in the other, a bottle of champagne.
I am officially in love.
I say it loud, to you, to the stars.
The landscape covered in lush, green dress
The splendour of daisies and lilacs.
the aroma of roses: Red and white;
and world looks such a safe place;
And I shout to the mountains, to the sky.
I am officially in love.
I bury my past in the cemetry,
put a wreath and leave in hurry.
I give such a wide smile
never to come back for quite a while.
I say bye;
and then say it to the doors,
say it to the walls.
I am officially in love.
On the harbour, a yacht.
In the sky a thousand sea gulls
escort us to our paradise.
we take out all the clocks,
useless stuff.
We throw them into the sea.
Our laughter echoes in the air;
and we tango in our mingled passion;
carried away with the depth of our emotion;
the communication
the friendship;
as images of our blissful future unfurl ;
In our half-drunken eyes;
and we whisper;
ear to ear;
mouth to mouth;
we are offically in love...

That's enough...I am leaving!
These city lights,
flickering on and off,
in a noisy night;
dont catch my interest,
not anymore.
The angry taxi driver
tooting its horn
stretching his head through the car window
looking forlorn;
I take him for granted.
So dull and typical,
I yawn.
The policeman blowing his whistles
in power to control
the mini chaos,
OMG, with such a fuss!
created by know-alls,
I turn my head;
whistle and pass.
A bus full of tired faces
to find little peace
in front of TV
on the sofa
like a coach potatoe
Oh no! No one really need this
I am packing up in tears
I am leaving this
piling up all my fears
leave them discarded
I am leaving light
in search of new places, new sights...

The music of fairy land...
Sometimes I hear it from the distant
the sweet melody
the violin and drum
and it enchants me
like I am walking in a solar path
how familiar, how forgotten
the memories
and I want to stand up
and hold my long skirt
and walts away my life
to the old, same melody
touch it as if its real
knowing that its only a fairy tale
Sometimes I try to identify
to analyse and drag it out
the source of this hidden joy
among the thick dark hues of my life
underneath these mournful eyes of mine
there is a fairyland
the land of love and romance
and ı can see the dancing women
all in long white dress
to a non ending music of waltz
like a miracle
and I get drunk in the rupture of the melodies
and how funny it looks
the tiny portion of joy
within a huge, cruel world...


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