FOX LADY

I can not get you off my mind
I could have been the wild-free kind
have you fallen in love really
or you just wish to outsmart me
for I am the Fox Lady

you always keep me in the dark
gripped by probability mark
let's play the game of yes and no
our future to see and know
for I am the Fox Lady

you are the one who is smarter
yet I am the one craftier
you have the rules pinned on the spot
I have my trick cards for last shot
for I am the Fox Lady

shall I keep you or let you go
I can teach you some tricks I know
show me that smile I love again
my lifetime service you will gain
for I am the Fox Lady

oh, darling! do not use your charms
you'd be imprisoned in my arms
think! are you going or staying
now is not the time for playing
for I am the Fox Lady

tell me with your eyes to believe
somehow with my wink you will live
still you have aroused my desire
you have stolen my heart with fire
for I am the Fox Lady

you have spoken the words of love
you can no longer fly, my dove
you have sealed your fate forever
I have won the game, dear lover
for I am the Fox Lady.


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