A bright sunny morning I woke up to find my parents going out to cast their vote
and I blurted at once which was the prankster they dote.

They smiled at me mockingly and left.
I sat there thoughtful and bereft.

The country was in a uproar;
being ruled by anarchists we couldn't expect more.

Scams and scandals
stones and sandals
were a routine.
The white-collared 'netas' were no better than lifeless mannequins!

People were tired fighting inflation and corruption;
there was an ardent need for a better option.

Words, mere words were being used to entice.
For God's sake we needed more than just lies.

I tried hard to picture a worthy politician;
but then realized a 'people's man' would be chosen as was tradition.

The thoughts were dismissed
the hopes gave way to dismay
and I jumped out of bed to play

coz for me taw’s just a holiday.


It was a stormy night n I was wondering sitting on the window sill,
if by any chance I could stop the impending peril..
"How would you do that?",
said the voice of rain.
"All efforts you make will go in vain!"

I could just wait to accept what was our fate
no one but human was on the bait
The mammoth waves swept all that came on their way.
There were gales which blew everything away.
The windows were rattling,
the heart inside me was battling.

How I wished for the cyclone to pass!
All my imaginations it really did surpass.
I could just sit there n pray to God
to protect the people of his abode.
The night deepened ,I went on to sleep,
thankfully when I woke up there wasn't much to weep.

The disastrous storm had gone by
Still the smile on my face was quite wry.
I folded my hands n whispered in God's ears
to protect us from nature's fury in all the coming years

Without You

Life without you is just like day is without light.
A thorn laid path with no end at sight.

A rose without fragrance, a heart without beats
like I have to walk all alone on empty streets.
With lips that can't smile and a heart that's fragile..
It would be as if happiness is in exile.

An unbearable pain with nothing to gain.
Like a paper boat is in flooding rain.

It is so dreadful even to think
that I have lost you with a blink.

My existence would be like a tree with no roots beneath.
Without you my dear it would mean death


I was walking on an empty street not knowing where did it lead,
I stopped n asked myself what did I really need..

I looked back with a hope of finding someone who'd show me the way..
N there was this devilish darkness without a single ray..

I was all broken n tired,
I sat down gazing at d sky
Having nowhere to go I began to cry!

Just then an angel crossed my path
He sat beside me n held my hand.

I was taken aback, I wanted the world to stop.
He took me in his arms n gave me a ray of hope.
I was on cloud nine n around me there was bright sunshine.

The darkness was gone never to be back.
My angel was with me n there wasn't a slack.

From then on he has been my guiding light to this day.
His arrival has ended all dismay.

He has filled my life with his love n care.
With him my most treasured moments I share.

His arms mean my world to me..
It's the only place I ever want to be.

It's with him that I have an existence.
Without him I don't have a persistence.

N today I want to thank him for being there when the times were tough
when love in my life wasn't enough.

He's the one I m meant to be with.
His heart is the only place where my soul can breathe.

(Madhusmita (c) 2013)


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