Bikini Barista: Natalie Harista
                         AND OTHER POEMS

Bikini Barista: Natalie Harista

On the dunes of Coral Beach in Florida,
Vacationers feel like laying in heaven-
And spend the time in sailing or surfing,
Followed by tanning, seventy times seven!
Beauty of bathers in bikini or leather
Torments the pupil of the eye-
Of lonely goers of vanity towers,
And provokes a sign of deep sigh!
Giggling and mingling on moonlit evening
For the sake of Champaign and bears-
Flock the barista, like Natalie Harista,
With silver tongue, romance, and cheers!
With a mellow song, and a touch of sing-long,
Head and tail start to sway-
Like the palm trees under stormy nights,
And everyone feels to follow this way!

With arrival of dusk, waves in the beach
Seem to be louder and cheery as well-
And the sands roll back and forth,
To amuse the bathers, just like a whale!
Pina-Colada or margarita, served by the barista
Shakes the mood for a bikini-touch-
While the wet bar welcomes Natalie harista,
Who in turn smiles to say: ''Thank you very much”!!

Note: Natalie Harista is a fictitious name, and is not
intended to offend anyone. Thanks.

A Cowboy Tale
Too long, I was nicknamed as a Dallas Cowboy,
Who loved the cattle and rodeo-
But when we fell in love on Christmas eve,
We became the Juliet and Romeo!
When sun goes down, in this one-horse town,
We become the cowboy and cowgirl-
To hone our knowledge from a discount college,
For a whole night dance and twirl!
In a smoke filled room. as future bride and groom,
We sipped whiskey or wine-
And solved our aches of heart and head,
While you or I seem to whine!
I give a fling to your ring
and head out for the door-
Soon you start to run, to have all night fun,
And drink some bear and more!
When I reach the hill, in broken heartsville,
My phone begins to ring-
Honey, its not funny to let you down;
Rather, with you I will dance and sing!!!

Thy Icy Morning, Dallas ...

Forecast warned about the snow and ice,
Sleets came tumbling, like a rolling dice!
Dawn of Dallas shievers in horrible cold-
And life comes to standstill, we are told!

Roads turned treacherous, and unsafe for sure-
Who would like to venture in cold just to endure?
Off the roofs, bridges, and overpasses, the drifting snow-
Changed the morning calligraphy of winds we all know !
Now residents breathe in captivity in Dallas,
with a disgruntles look-
While this icy morning leads me to friends
only on facebook!


The flute of life plays music
From the moment we are born!
But no one knows when music will stop,
Or heart will be torn!!
Accumulation of wealth is the desire of many,
But its loss is sad indeed!
While the loss of health will slow down the flute,
No matter how we try to feed!!...
Selling one's soul to the devil of addictions
May bring a short-term fun!
But the devotion to God through flute of life
Will sing, ever after life is gone!


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