This Couple
 Let me lay upon your chest,
before we make love, let us
rest.  For so long I’ve dreamed
of this, thinking about it now,
makes my eyes mist.

Slowly, I lift my head away,
the torment in his eyes, is
not okay.

As she looks upon my face,
my arms around her,
in an embrace.

If only she knew what’s in my
heart, how do I tell her that soon,
we may have to part.

This couple before me are
obviously in love, the serenity
between them, soft as a dove.

Their hearts, I hate to break,
but one of them, I will suddenly

Love is boundless, love is free,
something kept between me, he
and thee.

Cherish your loved ones while
you can, none of us know what
is in God’s plan.

The Cave
I have a dream of living in a cave.
innside the cave is everything that
I need.

It is nestled below the falls,
iIn a nice dry alcove.  It is not
visible by the naked eye.

First, you must go below the old miner
tracks. These tracks are glorious
because of the different gems in
the wall that were mined here.

Gemstones adorn the walls, gold and
silver specks that sparkle from the
ceiling  down.

Off to the left is my sleeping quarters.
It has many pillows and quilts that
adorn it. 

Every cavern in the cave is noted for
something.  The cooking room, the
sitting room and the Astrology room
to name a few.

Out the back entrance of the cave
is a flowery wilderness.  All
different varieties, roses, lilacs,
lilies of the valley and so many more.

 Further out, pass the flowers
are trees, many trees of different
varieties. They overshadow each
other, Oak, Maple and Willows.

The trees bow to each other in the
shape of a beautiful tunnel leading
through fruit trees and finally to the
vegetable garden.

The garden is flanked by benches, set
in specific ways to enhance all the
gardens that surround them.

They are surrounded by frog and fish ponds. At night,
They light up so that we enjoy watching them,
in the dark, beneath the moon glow.
These are my hopes and dreams, but not
necessarily in a cave.

 Barefoot, she went out the door,
not knowing, what she was going

She felt as if a blindfold covered
her eyes, as she walked beneath
the darkened skies.

She stopped, wondering, what
way must she go, waiting for
the wind, to tell her so.

Beneath her feet, she felt the
soft ground, she found herself
spinning around.

She could smell the soft, moist
dew, the next thing she knew,
she was back in her room with

Sheena Mosier



  1. Gayyyyyyy these made me want to shoot my self.

  2. And stop being a home wrecker


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