Unknown | 5/09/2014 |

The nights were always cold and dark,
I was always scared and shivering.
Alone in my dark bedroom,
Darkness was always quivering.

Evil had a way with me,
And she went by the name of Meg
Haunting me to my bare bone,
she was always so segue.

Beehive hairdo all done in grey,
A ragged flowing white gown.
Tapping upon my window,
Showing teeth through her frown.

She would float there to annoy me,
As I cowered beneath my cover.
And when I peeked out to take a look,
Above my head she would hover.

Meg knew of my Ophidiophobia,
She loved to hear my screams,
She would push those slimy snakes,
Deep down into my dreams.

The nightmares consumed me,
With the snakes and evil Meg.
In time I became addicted,
To the horror of the evil Hag.

To this day, my shades are drawn,
But she always finds a way,
To enter into my real world,
And scare me to this day.

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