Unknown | 5/09/2014 |

Me ,flying in the slender graceful air
surrounded by soft and tender arms
I feel the master my body bear
his shoulder bent his smelling palms.
high alofted like on the wings of an eagle
he takes me with the fleecy clouds
I sleep, indulged uncontrolled and feeble
his strength and power moves the horizon's bound.

Slowly splendour, only for me in the night
he opens a mountain of sands in gold
my heart is beating, afraid  but dignified
when the sun rises for me to behold.

I am dreaming for living.

Me, singing in a ceaseless flow of silence
smelling petals from a rose filled love note
filling my lungs with crystal in abundance
leaving thread pearls on a string from the throat .

Concert tunes from a string instrument
sweeping trough the rain and the dark
shaping of a classic mould implement
dancing of a ghost in its snow-white bark.

Clinging music from an uneasy motion
touching the very skies
sinking our souls into the depth of the ocean
all mountain from the deep will rise

I am dreaming for living.

Me, a joyous daughter of laugh and tears
all pleasures and all grieves I bare
words from my heart, a bride mild and clear
sleeping under the skin I wear.

Me, dreaming of a secure  sailing to a shining beach
all views to see and all sounds to hear
leading to the Isle of fortune, for me to reach
My dreams taking away all resistant fear.

Me, a living vessel on the stormy Sea
dreaming for leaping from higher cliffs to mountains
passion and glow are my heart's homeward bounds
and my dreams are my living fountain.

I am dreaming for living.


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