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Communism- the end of wage slavery. So, unity of wage slaves of the world is the first condition to conquer the communism. Thus, a party of wage slaves is essentially essential to unite the wage slaves of  the world. Naturally it’s a global party for a communist revolution to replace the wage slavery by communism. 
There is hundreds of parties in the world as they are claiming themselves as socialist or communist but trying to grabbing the state power, by the either national democratic, new & people’s democratic revolution or by the election. But, the ruler of the world is one and that is the Mightiest IMF. Though, the number of the states has been increasing by the politics of so-called national liberation of all kinds of democrats and above mentioned parties but the economy of the world  that is the capitalist economy which has been commanding, 
Thus, no state has independency even, to fix & determine the tax policies.Therefore, even, government is not independent to earn & expend the required money for the funtioning of stste.  But, in fact, states are bound to implement the policies of the IMF, what so ever, the laws or constitutions of the state do permit to implement these policies that do not matter. Rather, fully knowing it, that there is so many laws and constitutions of so many states where implementing of these policies are not only restricted but also crime. So, the IMF is not only a central and a single authority of the world economy, but protected by the indemnity by its agreement to do anything, related to the financial affairs   for the interest of the capital of the world. Therefore, states are defunct, so nation state is dead under the rule of the IMF. But, miseries of the workers of the world have been increasing. And, national liberty is totally absurd, because, all nations are inter-dependent under the global net of the capitalism. Furthermore, nationality will vanish by the movements of the workers of the world for their emancipation. 

The IMF was founded by the winner of the 2nd world war, to avoid the recession, which was the cause of it; and the ‘great’ Leninist leader Mr. Stalin was one of the three key founders of it. Therefore, USSR was a state of state capitalism, founded by the Bolshevik Party leaded by Lenin, but was never a working class party for a communist revolution to replace the capitalism, which is a worldwide system, thus, communist revolution is neither local nor national but universal, and it’s the culmination of contradiction of buyers & sellersof labour power of the world ,thus, it’s in fact a world war,imposed by the capitalist class but would be the  end of the war. So, there was no communist party, no communist revolution, thus, no common ownership of the means of production, therefore, there was no socialism, but there was Leninist  states and Leninist Socialism, which is nothing but  the shelter of the decayed capitalism. Though, even the state capitalism of Leninism did not be able to protect the decayed capitalism, which has been creating the all tolls & pillars to destroying it-self by the condition of survival of it. So, the USSR did not exist, because of self-term.

Therefore, there is no option except a communist revolution toreplace themoribund capitalism byturning the capitalist property into commune, which is ownership of means of production by society/commune. And, it’s so necessary. Because, capitalism is  not free from repeated recession with its all bad impacts, thus, it have no more capacity to utilize the means of production & of exchange, produced by it properly too. But the cost of manintance of   the moribund capitalism has been increasing in high rate. Moreover, thecapitalist class have no ability to developed the society by increasing the private ownership except losing by therepeated recessions though the volume of capiat is increasing. 

With a heavy cost of executives there is more than 77,000 multinational corporations, but 500 of them has been controlling more than seventy percent of world trade. 1%   of all multinationals own 50% of the total stock of all foreign direct investment. No more records are required to prove that  how much the capitalist class is unnecessary for the enomic activies except so many of them has taking the interest by their respective share. Though the number of millionaires of the world was 8.7 million in 2005.

Absolute majority protion of economic activities of the world has been managing by the employees. Moreover, the whole economy of the world is under the rule of the IMF, a mightiest organization with 188 country, with SDR of  $476.8billion, also by employee.In fact, the so narrow condition of private ownershipto comprise the wealth created by capitalism,  has been narrowing by these corporate house, though these are not for socialization of means of production & of exchange. The capitalist class has been denying the socialization of means of production & of exchange, which is fit for its proper role, to protect the private property. Thus, they are reactionary, for they try roll back the wheel of history. Therefore, the reactionary capitalist class is not only unnecessary; rather, it’s the horrible obstructing to developing & advancing the society.  Thus, even, the manegarial cost of capitalism is increasing .So, miseries of workers has been increasing. 

Remarkable, the capitalism is a society of certainty of uncertainty, and its ,the supporter, defender, protector and producer of exploitation, corruption, lie, cheat, fraud, falsehood, distrust, doubt,  competition, conflict, poverty, miseries, degradation, frustration, depression, violation, violence, disorder, anarchy, terror, horror, hatred, crime, punishment, killing, riot, war and want of peace, thus it’s a store of all heinous acts and evil things therefore, it’s not a safe & secure society, so no one is free from doubt, fear, threat, fright, panic and anxiety in capitalism. So, it’s a so waste society thus, not fit for advancement. Though, it wasso advanced, developed and enlightened than the feudal society  from which it has spourted and there-after replaced by it due to contradiction of newly grown means of production with the  older social condition which was unfit thus, unable to utilize the new means of production properly; therefore, a new society was a historical necessity, which is fit , proper and suitable to utilize the  newer & newest means of production. Therefore, capitalist society is an outcomeof the contradiction of  so reactionary feudal class and revolutionary capitalist class, owner of the new means of production, that is modern instruments of production. 

So, the cause of change of society is nothing but the revolt of means of production with existing social condition that is a new society is a historical necessity for proper and suitable utilization of the new & newer means of production. And that is the rule or law for changing the society. Therefore, the capitalist society is not free from this social rule for change of society .Because, the capitalist class can not exist without constantly revolutionizing the instruments of production, and reproduction; thus, repeated recession of capitalism is its unavoidable self-term effect. But, to avoid the historical place of capitalism by socialization of means of production, which is the only solution of the capitalist crisis that is unavoidable recession, the so reactionary capitalist class did not hesitate to kill the millions millions peoples and destroying so many things by the wars including the  two world wars to face the recession that is stock of capital. 

But failed, thus, current recession is ongoing with so many adverse & ridicules effect of it, from which sufferings of peoples including capitalist also has been increasing, by losing capital, even fall down into working class due to  bankcraftcy  and there-by miseries of workers is uncountable by losing their jobs or decreased rate of wage, but pay high for essentialsetc . 

Though, some of capitalist  has becoming more rich by taking the favorable opportunities &  scopes to defeat the contending & weekend capitalist for their so waste conditions thus, inability  to competition, moreover, by using the all measures including manipulation in the market upto labour to buy labour power as chief as possible and sale their own commodities in high price.  

But, in spite of that, the so reactionary capitalist class is not ready to acknowledged it’s disappearance, which is unavoidable; thus, they did not hesitate todefunct their own creations including state by founding the global organizations and so many global NGOs to support and implementing the policies of these global forums by reducing the power & functions of states. Though, it’s the shameless capitalist class, who has taken the shelter to the religions which were the politics of masters to overpowering the slaves, but defeated by the revolutionary capitalist class by the replacement of politics of secularism, conditioned to democracy,  in earlier to protect the decayed capitalism. 

Therefore, they created the IMF, with some others helping global organizations including the WTO. Under the supervision and administration of the WTO, capital and commodity will move freely all over the world. And capitalist leaders are addressing it as “GLOBALIZATION”. There-after, the so reactionary capitalist class, who introduced the democracy and secularism, has not but exercising the dictatorship with religious fundamentalism, under the rule of the IMF.

But, the so called ‘socialist’ or ‘communist’ parties are either local or national; and these are not only party of working class. Thus, only for thses reasons no one is communist party.  Except, a few exceptional, all these parties are member of the camp of Leninism. But, Leninism is nothing but corruption of science of socialism was discovered, formulated and explained by Marx and Engels. Therefore, these are Leninist but not communist party for a communist revolution.   And, exceptional parties are not effective to do the same job for the emancipation of the working class,due to their wrong theoretical position thus, wrong practice. 
Therefore, there is no communist party for a communist revolution for communism. But, communist revolution is unavoidable and, communism is inevitable. Because, capitalism, it-self has been creating all tools & pillars including the working class to vanish it by grounding the capitalist class. 

Communism is a society that  is free from : Production of commodity; Production for surplus-value; Wage labour; Commodity; Capital; Selling & buying; private property; All kinds of right of inheritances; Exploitation; Mastership & slavery; Class & class rule; Class antagonism & class contradiction; Class struggle; Myth & mythology or Religion; Nationality; Ethnicity; Clour; Race; Uncivilized & shameful concept of Gender; Politics; Political party; State; State related all things including Court and Arms & arms forces; IMF and all global organizations , including NGOs , those  are working for the interest private property; All customs & traditions; All kinds of worship; Cultism; Great man or great teacher or great leader; Hero; Ordinary peoples; Ignorance; Blindness; Faith; Poverty; Ill health; Untimely & abnormal death ; Short life; Fear; Violence; Killing; Murder; Theft: Robbery; Hijacking; Kidnapping; Rape, that is having sex without consent or forceful union; Torture; Acts to harmful to others; Crime; Punishment; Antagonism, conflict & contradiction among the human being; War & riot; Uncertainty; Anxiety; Lie, fake & falsehood; Cheat & fraud; Distortion & disfiguration; Corruption; Blame game; Selfishness & self-centeredness; And Discrimination.

Therefore, Communism is a free society for all to do anything freely & frankly including union with love for love. It’s a lovely & scientific society with a common property for all. It’s for equal facilities & opportunities for all children and equal dignity of all with love, affection, romance, pleasure, joy and eternal peace to win the nature, includinggood health. It’s a society of ever young, thus, they are fit for work and sports. Its, with an association of all to product all necessities for all, and to coordinate & communicate the all social works. Thus, it’s free from discrimination. Therefore, all are free member of a single human being. So, it’s a societyof human being for humanity, and humanly life of all. 

Not communism as science but, Leninism is for “ MARXISM-LENINISM” as an ideology. But, science and ideology is not same; and Marx was not a universal reformist, but scientist thus, for mulated the science of socialism, by discovering the rule of society for change and secret of capital. It is to be claimed, that the “ Leninism” is the addition of “ Marxism”.  However, not “Marxism” but science of socialism is required for the communist movement. 

Remarkable, value therefore, surplus-value that is capital  is a social product thus, capital is not only personal, therefore, private ownership of capital is not only self-contradictory but unscientific thus, cause of exploitation and discrimination.  As a discoverer of the secret of the capital, scientistis Marx was not a “Marxist” but communist. As a communist he was against the private property, therefore, he is not the owner of the science of communism; rather ownership of it’s all. So, claim of the Leninist bosses on Leninism is nothing but a false game to confuse the workers. 

It has to said, that Lenin was the first founder of a socialist state. But, ownership of means of production not by state but society is socialism, which is not possible in one country alone. Because, replacement of capitalist society by a communist revolution is socialism, but capitalism is not national but a worldwide society, therefore, range of communist revolution is universal. So, it’s a myth. 

Bolshevik Party by born was not a working class party for a communist revolution. Rather, the Volshevik was formed by following thepolitical line of national liberation of the betrayal 2nd International. Thus, the fabricated story of a socialist revolution by Bolshevik party in RUSSIA is nothing but a military coup at night. But, the communist revolution is not a thing of one night job of some army personals. Rather, it’s the job of millions & millions and not the mattere of a day or night, but it’s the culmination of contradiction of sellers& buyers of labour power of the world, thus, a world war,so, a greatest event of the world to sweeping the all rubbish of the world, which is the cause of all evils against humanity . So, communist revolution is only job of working class of the world.

Arms force, by born  is nothing but a arms guard of the masters that is parasitic peoples by killing, destroying and occupying , thus, its not a producer of value, rather, against them those who do the same, and it’s the part of  professional duty & task of arms forces. Remarkable, military officials have become the most beneficiary by the constitution of Lenin, and his government, followed by his disciples. But a military coup at Russia, and an sbosulate dictatorship with a dominant role of arms forces has been considering as a “SOCIALIST” revolution and “ Socialism”, so unscientifically .  

Therefore, it’s so important to look back to consider the communist movement. 
Communist League was formed for communist movement in the year 1847. The Communist Manifesto was production of it. The Manifesto is a so short but well defined book with aclear analysis of    cause & effect of capitalism and communismwith the historicaldirection &rule of society for changing. In fact, it was a formulation of theoretical basis for the communist movement &communism. So, it was a declaration for communism but a written death sentence for capitalism. 

There were some sorts of limitation of communist League with differencesof views on communist revolution among the activists of the communist league, which was not at all a worldwide organization, though it was formed for the same cause thus to unite the workers of the world as a class to win & conquered the communist society by a communist revolution by replacing the old capitalist society. Therefore, Communist League was not surviving after the verdict of penalty by Colleen court, which wasalready divided into two fractions, earlier. 

In 1864, TheInternational Workingmen’s Association was formedfor the communist revolution, though it was not free from various weakness and different conflicts. But workers of the world, at least of the leading countries were more & less united by this. There was so many movements were coordinated by this organization. Thus, communist movement was startedby the Communist League and re-organized by the 1st International, on the basis of science, in general. No doubt, workers of the world have got the science of socialism by the movement.

Even, the 1st international was declared as enemy by the capitalist leaders of the leading countries due to its activities against the capitalist class. After the fall of Paris Commune, 1871, the 1st International did not be able to exist by the oppression &suppression of capitalist class of the Europe, mainly Germany and France; and due to  inner conflict of it . 

The 2nd international was formed to implement the aim & objects of the 1st International by born commitment of it. Certainly, there was so many by born weakness of it. However, the betrayal leaders of it, has taken the line of so-called " right of self-determination of nations" in favor of decayed capitalism at its London Congress, 1896 to divide and confuse the workers of the world, by denying, defying and defusing, thus, ineffective the Communist Manifesto.  Finally it was dissolved by self-term during the 1st world war. 
Therefore, the Communist Manifesto has theft and camouflaged by the official leaders of the 2nd international at their London Congress. In fact, they hijacked the Communist movement, but were weared of a dress of the “ Marxism”. Therefore, since 1896, there is no such  communist movement, though Rosa Luxemburg and her friends has trying to oppose the betrayal line of  the 2nd Internation on national liberation that is the right of self determination, but they were not succeed to revival the communist movement; and they have some limitation with  theoretical error. Noted, its so sad that they were killed brutally by the the that party who were in leading part to theft the Communist Manifesto, and they were in state power of Germany to serve the capitalist and capitalism. 

The 3rd International founded by Lenin and Trotsky at 1919, but it was not at all a communist International. Because, one of the main cause was that it was not formed for a communist revolution, or it was not a  organization of working class to unite the workers of the world, rather it was  for politics of national liberation, which is impossible under the global net of capitalism.Sure, politics of national liberation is nothing but apolitics of internal conflicts of capitalist class for circulation of capital & commodity. Thus, participation of this politics by working class is nothing but serve the own exploiters by ignoring and losing the self-class interest and class concept. So, its suicidal for working class. 

Therefore, fully knowing it but to justify its works and Leninism, as socialist the CPSU, intentional  transformation of the Bolshevik Party did not hesitate to distorted the science of socialism; Even, The COMMUNIST MANIFESTO was not free from disfiguration by it. It’s simply fraud & cheating. So, cheat & fraud can not be considered as communist. Because, communist is  for abolition of private property, which is the cause of all  evil things,  thus, created & patronized by capitalist class. By product of  the 3rd International,  the CPI(M), has deleted some sentences also form its Bengali version of the COMMUNIST MANIFESTO  including “ united action of the the leading civilized countries at least is one of the first conditions for the emancipation of the proletariat.” How dare& rubbish!

Though, the capitalism is in moribund condition but, the capitalist class is unified by its global ruler the IMF, with inherited conflict and contradiction of it. On the other hand the USSR and its ally’sstates have taken the historical place as they were fit for it. Thus, days of Leninism is over because of globalization is exist. But its do not working properly, so, recession is ongoing. Thus it’s  the failure of the IMF, a stronger organization than a state of state capitalism. Therefore, there is no necessity and utility of state capitalism is remaining. There-in, militarization of  the globalization will be necessity and the politics of capitalist class will take dictatorial shape more than more in the past. 

With sufferings from all old age complicacies and insanity of the reactionary capitalist class , the moribund capitalism is yet exist with all reactionary activities of its reactionary ruling class- the capitalist; because, workers of the world is not united to replace it. Leninism is one of the main reasons behind the  disunity and division of workers of the world. But, unity of workers of the world is the first and united action of the leading developed countries, that is at present  G-7, at least is one of the first conditions for the emancipation of the workers.

Sellers of labour power is product of the capitalist class, but not by any nation or religion or language, or country. Therefore, working class has no nationality or country. Sure, both the sellers & buyers of labour power are in a selling & buyng relation .  The sellers of labour power have produce value by their laour but buyers has pay wage for labour power. Therefore, difference between value and wage is surplus-value, which is nothing but unpaid labour, there-by, it’s appropriated by the capitalist and that is capital.  So, unpaid labour is capital. Thus, capitalist that is buyer of labour power is exploiter and seller of labour power that is worker is exploited. Therefore, relation of buyer & seller of labour power are antagonistic. Thus, who belongs or inhabited in which country or race or gender that does not matter to determine the relation of both the buyer & seller of labour power, except capitalist and worker. Therefore, identity, both of them is only seller& buyer of labour power.  So, their relation is not friendly.

So, there is no scope for workers to help and cooperate the so-called national capitalist for such kind of politics of national liberation or workers cannot take part with any section or party of contenders of capitalist class those are involve in inner conflict for capitalist interest except losing their interest; thus, such kind of acts of workers in fact is suicidal for them. But Leninism is nothing but for capitalist interest by practicing the line of so-called " Right of self-determination of nations" and " State capitalism". So, Leninism is a so dangerous and poisions things for working class. 

Remarkable, under the global net of capitalism, all nations are inter-dependent, thus, there is no scope to liberate any nations, and therefore, it’s a big lie & illusion to fight for national liberation. In fact, the  native or local part of the capitalist class,  are creation of the colonial rulers for the interest of capital, and facts remains that the first generation of so-called patiotic  or nationalist capitalist was not free from  serving  and collaboration to conquer the  colonies by imperialist rulers. 

Therefore, fight against the colonial ruler is not a revolutionary job. Because,it's not a fight against capitalist mode of production, to abolish it but,  an effort to increase the sectarian interest of the capitalist of the colony by holding the state power to avoid the competition with the stronger  section of the capitalist class as branding them outsider or occupier; and to over powering the workers under the rule of the newly formed state therefore, by protecting the capitalist system, which is the cause of all miseries of workers. However, except, replacement of old capitalist society by a communist revolution is nothing considerable as revolution.
Nationality will disappear by the movement of working class for their emancipation. On the other hand, state capitalism is nothing but capitalism,  that is the state is the absolute commander of the labour market and in many cases it’s the direct buyer of labour power, as a owner of the various firms. Exactly, there is no competition in labour market thus; workers have no power to bargain in the state capitalism.

Records has shown & proved that the rate of exploitation in the USSR was much higher than USA.
Most interesting thing is that The IMF, who has been serving the interest of capitalism globally, was founded by the winner of 2nd world war, and the great Leninist Leader Stalin was one of the three main founders of it;  But there is so many Leninist bosses are not against Stalin at least for it, though they are against so-called " Imperialism", which is immaterial, in this capitalist globalization epoch.  Even, Leninist bosses do not notice the power & function of the mightiest IMF.

Its mentionable, thatit is capitalism, who has defunct the states by founding the IMF. In fact under the rule of the IMF, no state  have power, even to fix & determine the policies of tax & tariff. So, nation state is dead.
Therefore, colonial policy has become ineffective by foundation of the IMF. 

However, out come of the contradiction of sellers & buyers of labour power is socialism. So, unity of workers of the world is the first condition for a communist revolution, to replace the capitalist mode of production by the common ownership of means of production.

No, no political party or state or IMF is necessary in common ownership except a world association of all to coordinate & communicate the social production for all and all social activities. Because, all these tools & machines are for the class interest and originated from the class for the class rule.

Sure, capitalist class of the world is united by their global organizations like the IMF, with its inner conflict. But, by the effect of different intentional misdeeds and various conspiracies of capitalist class, against the working class, it’s not united but divided into nations, ethnics etc. Leninism is one of them. 
No doubt, Leninism was one of the useful weapons of capitalist class to divide the workers of the world to avoid its historical fate, which is nothing but grounded by working class. But, failed.

Therefore, the capitalist class has been claiming that it is the age of " Globalization". Sure, it’s the global control of  the capital by the global organizations of capitalist class to survive by implementing therequired policies toensure the free movement of capital & commodity globally.

And, certainly, states will act to guaranteed the free movement of capital & commodity all over the world by implementing the policies, determining by the concern global organization, therefore, state isnothing but a local agent of global capital.There-by, the colonial policy, which was the integral part of the capitalist development has lost its utility & effectiveness by these global organizations. 

Therefore, who is nationalist capitalist, or patriot? Capitalist or Leninist Boss? It’s a big lie.

Though, all these actions of so reactionary capitalist class to avoid the recession are  so harmful and cause of uncountable miseries of working class, but capitalist also is  not free from damaging.   So, all the exercise of capitalist class to exist by denying the rule of society for changing is nothing but a futile practice. Because, already the IMF has failed to control the capital of the world, thus, current recession is ongoing. In 2012, gross production of the world was $71.62 trillion and stock $84.87 trillion. One of the main effects of it, at least 600 billionaires has lost their capital partly and so many capitalist and capitalist firms havebecome bankrupt. Itsnegation of negation of capitalist ownership.The working class is also facing so many sufferings form it, including lost of jobs.So, labor unrest is ongoing. Thus, sectoral, local, national and continental workers movements are appearing. 

Certainly, modern communication is so useful to contact the workers of the world therefore, to unite, so, to coordinate the workers movements of the world.  Sure, it’sthe Capital, who has been compelling its owner as its slave to revolutionizing the instruments of production thus, production to all modern technologies and communications including net, for its quick & quickest circulation for survival and saving.But, effect of it is recession. Therefor, consequence of repeated recession is socialization of means of production .Sure, to do the same that is socialization of means of production, a communist revolution is required.

No doubt, the communist revolution is a world war , between sellers & buyers of the world, but imposed by capitalist class.  Therefore,  working class is bound to apply force for the emancipation. So, it’s the great end of war.  But, Leninism is  notfor the same cause. Thus, Leninism  is nothing but corruption of the science of socialism, there-by, it’s the shelter of the so-waste capitalism. So, rejection of Leninism is unavoidable condition to rebuild the communist movement, to construct a communist party to unite the workers of the world to replace the moribund capitalism by the communist society, by a communist revolution, which is the job of working class alone.

There is so many global organizations including the so powerful the IMF for the interest of the reactionary capitalist class. But, the working class has not such a party to face & fight the capitalist class, globally. Sure,  it’s the capitalist class who has already created aliving exampleby founding the IMF,in front of the workers, that a single global partyof workers of the world is required to fight and win the last war. 

Though, when the 1st International was formed, then there was no such global organization of the capitalist class. However, League of the Three EMPERORS was formed after the fall of the  Paris commune to protect the interest of the capitalist class by using the all power of the three EMPERRORS to over powering  the workers. But, not only failed but it also damaged the independent power of the state. 
Lateron, The League of Nations was formed by the Treaty of VERSAILLES, 28 June, 1919.It was an effort of the winners of the First World Warto concluded the war, to avoid the war and to maintain the peace of capitalist class without war; And to overpowering the workers, globally by its subsidiary organization, the ILO. 

But failed. Again,  the UN or the IMF was formed but already has failed. Certainly sure, by the failure of all these,  the capitalist class has proved that it has no alternative except to take its historical place by its own course of action for survival. Even, whatever its tried to sustain to deny the historical limitation of it to acknowledge the that the  development of means of production and of exchange and historical role of  the working class, which is the cause of its disappearance, but nothing will let  to protect it. 
But, the capitalist class  will never vanish automatically. A forceful action is required to over throw the capitalist class in the air. But, working class has no such an association to do the same by uniting the workers of the world.

Therefore, a communist party is essentially required and historical necessity to do the same job. Thus, to vanish the capitalist mode of production, by turning the private & state and coporate property into common will be the number one demand & programmes of the party. Certainly, all rights of inheritance will abolish at the same time. The party will work only for working class interest to the same goal by bringing the number one demand infornt of the working class and its all movement. 

Thus, a Communist party for the same aim & object is onlya party of working class and certainly it’s a global party. No doubt, each & every member of the party is equally dignified thus, equally responsible & dutiful therefore, each & everyone is eligible to hold & contest in any post of the party, but all are subject to re-call. So, no one is great or ordinary; leader  or follower; teacher or disciple; hero or timid;  savior or disastered & etc,  rather all are freedom fighter for freedom as a communist belongs to a communist party for a communist revolution. Thus, it’s a discrimination free party of friends and lovers of freedom and emancipation. So, it’s a store of communist revolutionary expressions, thus, hope of workers of the world. By the action of the party the workers of the world will be unite gradually , thus, as a  formed class as class, it  will be consider as only future hope of the future of the human  being, in fact, what it is . Sure, the working class will free not only it-self but also the whole human being. Therefore, the united working class and its party – the communist party is the source of best hope for all. 

It’s a self-disciplined party by the principles of communism. So, member of the party is also self-disciplined. Unified opinions of overwhelming majority will consider as decisionfor all in the respective forum. 
Any one is eligible for membership of it, who is interested to do work with it for the same goal, there-by to serve&care the interest of the party by the best effort. 

Finally, the communist party will take its final thus historical place by self-liquidation of it after attaining its destination by a communist revolution. 
            © A DECLARATION:
With limitation, the communist manifesto is yet valid & effective to rebuild the communist movement. But, in the mean time the capitalism has done so many evil things, including production of Leninism after the Communist Manifesto has became public. So, a declaration of the  party is required to define and explaining the overall conditions and situation of the moribund capitalism to fix & deterring the task & duty of the party for a communist revolution andwith an amended primary programmersforthe new society to implement by the communist revolution on the basis of science of socialism with considering &reviewing the rules & decisions of the Communist League and 1st International. 


COMMODITY: A product for sale; And elements of it is matter (Natural resource ) and Labour.Natural resource has no value. So, value of commodity is labour, thus, as value, a commodity is only definite masses of congealed labour time.

LABOUR: An Action of labour power to produce value. That is labouris an expenditure of human labour power; therefore, it creates and forms the value of commodities. 
LABOUR POWER: Productive of use of brain, nerve, muscle & c, that is the aggregate of those mental and physical capabilities existing in a human being, which he exercise whenever he produces a use value of any description. 

MEANS OF PRODUCTION: Both the instruments and the sybject of labour.
VALUE OF A COMMODITY: The objective form of the social labour expended in its production. 
VALUE: Labour. 
PRICE: Merely the money name of the quantity of social labour realized in a commodity. 
SURPLUS-VALUE: Difference between value and wage.  Form of it is profit, interest or rent. In other words, it’s the unpaid part of commodity. 
WAGE: Value of labour power, which is the value of the means of subsistence necessary for the maintenance of the labourer.That, is the cost of production of labour power. 
CAPITAL: Unpaid labour. It’s a collective product, but propertyship of it is private, thus, it’s not only improper, unfair, unjust, illogicaland unjustified, but also a contradictory thing. Therefore, capital will vanish due to its existing condition. So, the  capital is in a dilemma. 

EXPLOITATION: Sucking of labour. 
WORKER: Seller of labour power for survival; and a product of capitalist class.
CAPITALIST: Buyer of labour power as the owner of the means of production and of exchange. 
CONDITION OF EXISTENCE OF CAPITAL: Reproduction and circulation.
RECESSION: Effect of reproduction thus stock that is revolt of means of production.
EFFECT OF RECESSION: So many including war and finally communist revolution, therefore, negation of negation of capitalist ownership thus, communism. 
COMMUNIST: Communist revolutionary for communism.
A CAPITALIST: He whois for wage.
A COMMUNIST: He who is against wage.
Therefore, the WAGE is one of the main  determining factors to differentiate the difference between capitalism and socialism. Because, if there is wagethere is exploitation, thus, its capitalism, but a wage free society is  free from exploitation, so its socialism. 
So, form LENIN to CHAVEZ, no one is COMMUNIST. Because, they all were for WAGE. Thus, they are for EXPLOITATION. So, they were servent of capitalism.
COLONIAL POLICY: Integral part of the capitalist development, thus revolutionary to create a capitalist world by defeating the local and self –dependent economy.
RIGHT OF SELF-DETERMINATION OF NATIONS: Denying & defying the Inter-dependency of all nations under the global net of the capitalism.Impsobile.So, a big lie.
NATIONAL LIBERTY: Back to self-dependent economy. Absurd.So a myth.
STATE CAPITALISM: Absolute command on market by statization of property with exterm dictatorship.
IMF: Ruler of the world economy for the capitalist interest. Founded by the winners of the 2nd world war including Leninistboss Stalin. 

Effect of the rule of the  IMF-
(A)COLONIAL POLICY: Ineffective; 
(B) STATE: Defunct; and 

WTO: For free movement of capital & commodity, globally. States are local agent of it.

NATIONALITY & COUNTERY: Workers have no. But they have a world to win. 

PATRIOTISM: Emotional illusion, but originated from love for private property. 

MYTH & MYTHOLOGY: Politics of masters, introduced by  them  for their parasitic interest, to use the slaves as slave, therefore, to justifying the slavery by some fabricated stories on life, earth, universe, & etc to overpowering the slaves thus, false but faith, there-by unscientific,  so, will reduce into the air. 
SCIENCE: Rules of Nature, thus, reality and working, so, will win. 

(a)Global but divided by various things including political boundary; (b)Commodity production;(c)Selling & buying of commodity; (d) Wage labour; (e) Privat,  state & corporate propertyfor the capitalist interest; (f) Basis is antagonism, (g) Class,  Class rule and class contradiction &struggle, thus, various discrimination including gender is unavoidable;(h) Different instruments for class interest i.e. political party, NGO, state, and global organizations including the IMF;(i) Non productive professions; (j) Parasitic; (k)Crime & punishment;(l) Economic anarchy; (m) Certainty of uncertainty;(n) Want of peace; (o) No one is free, rather capitalist him-self is the slave of capital; ( p) Family is the lowest unit; And (q) Producer of tools & pillars of self-destruction for disappearance for the survival condition of capital , including the workers, to  vanish it by grounding the capitalist class  by the working  class. Thus, replacement of capitalism by communism is unavoidable. So, it’s the foundation of communism, which is inevitable by a communist revolution. 

(a)Global but free from man made boundary, thus the globe is a single unit;(b) Essentials production; (c) No selling & buying; (d) All are labour but no wage; (e) Common property for common interest ; (f) Basis is cooperation ; (g)No class, but a single human being with equal dignity of all thus,  so, no discrimination, thus, friendly &  lovely relation  ; (h) Only a association of all,for all, by  all ; (i) No non productive profession; (j) No parasitic; (k)No crime, thus no punishment; (l ) Planed economy by all for all  ; (m) Certainty with advancement; (n) Eternal peace; (o) All are free to do anything including union; (p) Individual is the lowest unit; And (q) Creator of  scientific  human being  to win the NATURE including ever green health to defy the death.

COMMUNIST REVOLUTION: Culmination of contradiction of sellers & buyers of labour power of the world. Thus, it’s a global but ever greatest event.

COMMUNIST PARTY: A working class party, with equally dignified members for a communist revolution to unite the workers of the world, thus global, but will liquidate. 

COMMUNIST MANIFESTO: A declaration, written by Marx & Engels for the  Communist Leauge for a communist revolution. Later on, it was theft & disfigured, but yet valid & effective with limitation to rebuild the communist movement. 

LENINISM: Corruption of science of socialism, thus the shelter of decayed capitalism.
So, rejection of Leninism is unavoidable condition for rebuild the communist movement. Therefore, a communist party with an up-dated declaration is a historical necessity. 

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