Sheena Mosier

Unknown | 5/09/2014 |
Moon People

They only come, when the moon is full,
reawakening, the night’s boring lull.
Their spirits arise for the night,
there’s no reason to feel any fright.

The male is the first in sight,
the aura around him, is so bright.
Then his wife enters the night,
her long tresses, shiny and bright.

The son is next in line, a young man,
smart and fine. In his eyes, there is
a slight glow, many stories, he must

Last but not least, is the little girl,
She flourishes in with a spin, and a
twirl. Her eyes, a deep midnight black,
she is beautiful with a comical knack.

What a beautiful family, filled with love,
I fear with a blink, they will go back above.

No words need to be said,
I watch as they softly do tread.
Their beauty, awakens my mind,
their peace and love, I would
like to find.


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