Someslal Mukhopadhyay

Unknown | 5/09/2014 |

The Flow

None returns ever – No path
comes back again.
The one who’s returned hasn’t returned. Yet it’s as if
someone’s returned!

The shadows got scattered on all the sides,
of the deep pain of the moment,.  The songs
have long since stopped.
Let us talk then you and I!

For your words only is this repeated return
of mine … and this standing still … just like
You too are standing still,  like the hidden most
 moonlight of the night!

None stays for ever – No river
stops anywhere.
The one who’s stayed on hasn’t stopped. Yet it’s as if
someone’s stopped!

Suppose then that I’ve come back!
Let it be then that you stayed on!
Let our dialogue flow on this supposition!
Let on this supposition God meet God …
and converse …

And let the rest flow away  …
torn letters … life … the Milky Way … the planets and the stars …


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