Spinning a word, I cry my pain to the world
Clouds, fluffy clouds choking my mouth
Spinning to free myself from the fluffy pillows that
suffocate my eyes, my dreams
Crying, howling, inventing new words that show my terror
Blue...too much blue...enormous stain of blue on my sky
pressing all my guts down to earth,
breath, I can't breathe.....
Spinning, spinning, running with the wind in my face
I am the bird bringing spring
Spinning, dancing, jumping over gaps of pain

Butterflies, wait for me!!!
I am the flower for your bliss

Darkness again, free of pain darkness
Today the light splintered the eye, shook the sky
Relieving  darkness under a feathered pillow
of madness

Sun’s ash

On the other side of me
One day I found me
I was caressed by the sun
bath by the waters of light
laughing like crazy in my face

On the other side of me
a shadow was crying
dripping itself into the asphalt
then the comedy stops

burnt all around
my skin is shouting its pain
in red colors
On the other side of me only
I found out

Sun is on the other side of me
Sun is my interior also
Outside my flesh
Inside my flesh
Sun's ash

Abstract jump from a skyscraper  

I have unfolded my hair as I started to write
abstract, deep verses about a very concrete event
I was sleeping when my husband called me to see
the breaking news at t.v.
nothing would take me out of bed so tired I was
he insisted, come, come, the tower is down
I get up grumpy, went in the living  room
some movie with explosion and lot of smoke was on
I kind of got infuriated...for that you woke me up!!!!
He shouts through my clouds of tiredness  This is real!
As he was spoken and my eyes got clearer
I saw the second tower getting hit by a  plane
Slowly the tower started to drip down
as my knees collapsed too
I was witnessing the death of thousand
nothing abstract about this
Smoke on t.v.
Choking in my living room
Stupor and shock
Fury and tears
As "why" was a question who need no answer just now
Later will rain down on us answers and lies, truth well hidden
guess what: will stay hidden!
Now, on t.v over and over the towers are gliding by my eyes
like a commercial to the end of the world...over and over
I think that my D.N.A is imprinted with those images
My kids will certainly know to fly next time they jump from
a skyscraper  

This fall

The autumn gently drips its sunset
The sound is slightly changed
The light is sweeter, caressing even
All sharp things are getting smoother
A smell is haunting me, or just a memory
or just a vague craving for the snow...
or all are fears tattooed on my heart
Where the blizzards left their mark
or even better
under my skin I found the snow man
the one and only survivor of melancholy
this fall

The autumn slightly changed my light
The silence will fill the birds' wings
Soon I will hear the falling leaves
Soon I will melt in the snow man within
this fall

Stagnant waters

sunshine keeps the light  into my dry eyes
touches my numb limbs
again little icy arrows all over my spine
good morning,my faithful dagger

no, do not spare me, cut deep into my flesh
another wound, another scream,
over and over relive the same morning
no, do not spare any moment
torment is my second name

what holy water should I drink to heal the spine or
a soul betrayed and darkened
tomorrow has no shadow yet
elephant tears sink my will
running is not an option for a half buried body
start nailing the coffin I'm flooding in


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