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like poetry love is
can touch with fingers of star
than hurts like a sharp razor
love is waiting
for greenness of forests
for tender wind in hair
for swaying of grass
for ripping fresh raspberries
there is waiting
for dancing evenings
for wildness of hearts
for soul's fire to burn
there is waiting
for steps in silence
for saying yes and no
for total eclipse of the time
from dawn till dusk
there is waiting


Love is in the air-
A magic mirror of aurora polaris,
of Nature's glamour,
In every breath of tree,...
In every tear of heaven,
Love is in the air-
written splendid by sun shining...

The Tango Of Love

In unstated desire of night
I lost myself in your glance,
Let our hearts burn in the tango rhythm...
Let our souls dance a gold rain...

With a music blood flows,
Chalices of wine touch thirsty lips slowly
In the tight embrace of lust
Destiny mixes our scents...

May life dance with death
May day merge with night
May light fight with darkness
I care not coz our tango persists...


Sweet sound of poetry
Like a passionate music,
Like a deep well of longing,
All is possible in this inner world,
Even roses can bloom without water ...
With the winds we can fly
To reach a home in the higher realm,
Sweet sound of you in every raindrop
Like a scent of first forest's flower...
You are the silence within my silence,
I am the heart within your heart,
We are Eternal Spring
Like never ending dream
In our own Universe...

[Anna Zapalska]


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