Unknown | 2/10/2015 |


Wind I am
Originated with the sun
There arose warm spots and cool spots
On the earth.
Warm air rose up,the cool air rushed in
And made the hot spots cool
A strong breeze arose
When cool air from the sea
Entered the hot land
And a strong breeze extended
Inland to miles and miles.
When it came to me
It was so mild,calm,cool and soft
It entered into you
Got into the inner soul
Blotted up all the heat therefrom and
Replaced a coolness ever from the
Nomadic wind in my veins
And we still to be
Existing winds.


The total measurement of a
Triangle is 180 degree
It is the truth.
It exists in the past present and future
The rising and the setting of the Sun
In the East and the West respectively
Is the reality.
It happens in daily life.
Putting on an electric switch ,brings light
It is a fact
The truth in our experiences,
The truth In various forms.
Your love exists in my heart, physique
And memory
Making me a substance of truth.


At the very same instant
When I saw you
I felt your presence.
I extinguished myself
To become a combined self.
I left the rhythm in my walk
I forgot the past moments
And found the beauty of modernity.
I still walk through the lonely paths
Leading to the mountains lie
Under layers of snow where the
Epiphany on the inner possibility
Of the combination of individuality
Is preserved as infinity.


I am a song written in words
To be sung by your sweet lips.
Played with your notes.
I discarded many a tunes
To select on
To be sung by you.
I discarded all my images
But the one to be rendered
To your heart
I discarded my existence
As a song
But for you to sing it
Then a language with the words
You and l will be built there
In the end.



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