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If you suddenly remember some old memory or incidents with someone special-feel like some special bonding or some feeling continuously pulling down the memory lane seems someone calling with eagerness -some dreams come true in mind .Feel great sitting with this dreamy sequence for the time being and never wish to break that dream -sit and sit feel and feel -never to end or break that moment, But if that dreamy feeling hit the present moment of raw and reality having most busiest life then what ? As if riding a jam packed bus on busiest roads honking -millions of different sounds exaggerating to huge explosion and dreaming of some old childhood memory sitting in the corner seat -so uncomfortable situation. So unequal so mismatching.

So was Anil thinking like this sitting on the window of the train -so many memory so many nostalgic moment suddenly gripped the mind of Anil .Thinking is the train -memories are stations coming one after another -vanishing appearing again appearing and vanishing -some like cool vacuum someone with the sound of the busy roads with high explosive sound .It was as if just few days ago Anil left past childhoods and become big and gentleman -a thinking man -a busy moment always . Mind is so fast thinking is so expressive. Out of so many memories two of such suddenly appeared distinctly .One of that is when he was 13 years sub young boy having thought of adulthood but cannot reach there but to settle as child only -complex situation -you cannot leave childhood but want to catch adulthood .In this complex situation for the first time Anil went to Kalimpang a Himalayan beauty with elders of family and stayed there for over one month in a beautiful Guest House near to famous Tagore house and met that similar no child no adult a beautiful eye -bubbling like butterfly looking like morning dew in two green leafs -majestic marmoreal beautiful two eyes -one eye attracting admirer and other attracting dreamer like Anil .One month of friendship Anil could never asked her name but calling only signed language .It was memorable moment of one month walking together hand in hand miles after miles on hilly roads watching magnificent hills of Himalaya together feeling like two free birds lazily flying for some uncertain destinations -no direction no other thinking -just fly and fly ,One month of holiday over Anil had to return -could not tell the moment even could not express anything to that charming girl .One day silently left the place and when the Zeep was leaving with Anil passing through some zip zap hilly roads saw that charming face standing in upper hills of that bending road waving hands till the Zeep got vanished in a foggy roads .A painful departure for both and more on such when Anil could not ask the name and address of that beautiful face perhaps for the first time he felt that he has come off child hood and reached to adult hood

The second incident during school life Anil once got tremendous punishment from Head Master ( Principal ) doing some mischievous adventure game playing with the moving fan to stop with betting of just 4 anas with fellow friends in a class. Anil failed to stop but could not stop Teacher beating him with stick nonstop till tears rolled out but the next day Principal patted him softly without any words .It touched his soul completely and love to Principal forever .Anil came out of School college and started his career as Medical Representative job in a Multinational Company .Time passed for a pretty period .Everything forgotten -life is busy like moving Buses daily having trips to carry passengers .One day after returning from a long tour Anil was sitting in a bus and saw suddenly a dead body was moving by the side of the bus and curiously looked to the old man covered with a Chaddar -flowers on both sides but the face only was exposed and Anil saw that Head Master was reaching for last action of life to burning ghat .

Since then 10 years passed and Anil became busy Company Executive with lots of responsibility moving with car -plane and other comforts of life and today while travelling by train sitting on the window some flashes memories came out again suddenly and made him nostalgic .but these two incidents of memory will always hunt Anil for the rest of life .

This train daily crosses the same station with same building same two lines but the stations of Memory suddenly comes and suddenly vanishes -When it comes when will come No one knows .Anil also do not know ,Perhaps this is the magic of life


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