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No in vain, is the Rain
No in vain, is the Sun
No in vain, is the Rainbow
No in vain, is the promise of GOD.
Nobody find the ends of Rainbow
Nobody find the ends of Rainbow.
But is Symbol of Alliance of GOD.
He  made this wonderful.
Rainbow, symbol of love
Is the alliance between, men &GOD
Rainbow is the color of life
The prism of rainbow
Is a symbol of life
Is the alliance between men & GOD
Is the Bridge to cross to the other side
Rainbow is a Symbol of life,
Rainbow is alliance with GOD
Is s Bless  in planet Earth
Rainbow is a peace in life
Nobody touch rainbow jet
Everybody just see a beautiful
Rainbow is sunshine & Raindrops
That's the Rainbow start.


When you open your heart with honesty
When you look at the people in need.
When you bring joy,in war.
When you give love and receive love,
When you feed the children's with food and love.
When you dress them warm,
When you hugs, and bless a Stranger, and feel the hay in your heart, that happiness,
When you pray for all, when you forgive your enemies,
When you pray for them
That is ?
One Step to the Victory, Christ Jesus.
When you do all those things
War, well be end.
When you see a Rainbow to shine
If when GOD is agree, with men.
One Step to the victory Christ Jesus.
Let the light in you Shine
Spread love, peace, and food, Cloths
And peace, Shine in Planet Earth
Earth need Love

Sign me up
In the book of life
Write my name
Becausr I want to walk
With Jesus hand.
I want to be with you
In times if Solitude
Came Jesus pick me Up
Sign me Up
In the book of life
Write my name
Because I want walk
Holding your hand
Dear Jesus
I believe in  you
I believe in your love
Yo believe in me
Love is sign of peace
Peace is sign of belief.

[Myriam Acero]


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