Unknown | 8/15/2015 |

Letter From Heaven
I'm looking at you through the window of heaven,
From celestial hills i call loudly to the world,
Open your heart and listen to the others cry for help...
The most important is to be humane and to see God

"Do not be afraid! Open wide the doors to Christ!"

Between hungry eyes and golden spoon
So many questions unanswered, black regret,
Do not be afraid to continue Mother Teresa's work,
Just place a green key of hope into raised palms

"Do not be afraid! Open wide the doors to Christ!"

Don't kill your brother Don't hurt your sister,
There is only one sun shining above us,
Only one heaven to share, the same stars,
who light the night and set peace in hearts,

"Do not be afraid!" Open wide the doors to Christ!"

Today's humanity needs mercy like a fresh air,
Nobody should walk the dark road alone
Light candles in all soulless cold places,
I'm praying for you to make your life better

"Do not be afraid! I am with you..."

In a bunch of humane matters
In a bunch of humane matters,
In the knots difficult to hash out,
The clock is tickling- it opens silence up
like lonely seconds in minutes...for hours,...
like speechless poems of hospital beds,
like a woman in mourning gown...
A time- director creates quickly-
giving-taking away, giving-taking away...
It does not ask for your permission,
A history shifts movie frames,
The faces vanish in the fog like mirages,
Only memories bring back those who were gone,
But yet you still stand here thinking that you are...

Words - knifes never sleep
Always on the alert, day and night,
They attack without thinking twice,...
With lightening speed so fast...

Words - torturers drink nothing but blood,
Have been found an ally in anger,
As far as possible they hurt stronger
to see a hell knife in helpless hearts...

Centuries pass by, people pass away,
New day, new lives, new words will come
But hunted words still the same without any respect
Only time they are satisfied -
when somebody on his knees...

Never say bad words to anybody
Sonner or later they will be back to you...



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