Rain pouring down
Staring out my window
Another cold night by myself
Another night of sorrow
Atmosphere let me feel my bones
Colder than i've ever known
His warmth,
His love,
His absence left me dying
Cut my hope to continue living
The love we had once kept on hunting,
Oh!This love of mine,
Oh!This curse of a lifetime
So wrong yet feels so right.
In this darkness your the guilt of light!

In the heart of darkness
A place where no man would attempt to be
Somewhere you won't expect a living exist
What kept her living all this time?
What pushed her to do the impossible?
Maybe she.s insane to even try
Doing greatly remarkable
But the belief that her love will rescue her
Just a small fire of hope
A pinch of faith and trust
Blindly she see's the bright side
Something nobody will understand
Most of us thinks it's horrible
But to her it's a paradise under her command
And yes...
Dark,cold,left alone
You maybe thinking she's a fool to wait
But no...
It's bravery..
To just wait,hope and trust in the heart of darkness
It's heroic to see nothing and to live though slowly dying.

Clouds are shrouding over
Without visibility of faith
In world where there's no survival
In a world full of hate
Self induced reality
To escape the hunting pain
To block hurt behind walls
To block what other's sayin'
Self saving without hesitation
Curse is a quick mad reaction
Mishandled devastating situations
Killed reality empowered illusion



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