Today on 21.9.14  a Times of India news items on employment for women are really encouraging where all the IT companies generated more than 3.1 million jobs in which TCS has shown more than 3 lakh employees with more than 1 lakh employee are women according to NAASCOM .Where as Reliance being biggest market cap in India employ only 12700 employee and abysmally low as just 2000 women employee. 

Our planners -economists working in Govt in future must encourage Murthy Model of Business more than Ambani Model as creator of wealth and employment perhaps India need to take lessons from Bill Gates Warren Buffett ,Steve Jobs ,Narayan Murthy for building developed country in the world .With more presence of Ambani Adani Models India cannot shine as most advance country in the world as India has her own human resource of 1.2 billion people as the main strength .

I always believe in Social Economy rather capitalist economy particularly country like India where Human Resources of 1.2 billion people available . For the first time a politician like Rahul Gandhi of Indian National Congress has identifies a new  class of people to be upgraded to middle class level so that they contribute more on development of economy. It was never been tried so far last 66 years instead our political system relied on caste based system to solve the social problem .This unique identification will remove the class system available on caste so the politics on caste will be removed in future . 

Quality corporate entrepreneurial model in India is absent and India and Indian political establishment mostly rely on those age old entrepreneur who create wealth for them and their family only and never share their profit with the employee and always give wrong suggestions to Govt for spreading their business Model as the only creator of employment and Govt 's Planners economists get fooled and puzzled and being arm chair Bureaucrat and economists suggest their business model as the best in the world and proved their point of view by the presence of these Businessmen even in other countries in the world . Ambanis Adanis Mittals ,Goenkas are some of these oldest so called great Companies are the models of creating huge wealth for their 14 generations only and maintained below par work culture of modern Business entrepreneurial Model which has redefined the latest trend of creating and sharing wealth but not accumulating wealth for their own and their family . These business houses flourished manifold after 1991 economic liberalization and even spreaded their business emperor to worldwide countries but never created huge employments for youths particularly for women 

But after 1991 economic liberalization there are few great entrepreneurs also came like Narayana Murthy ,Azim Premji ,Shiv Nadar ,Phaneesh Murthy ,Ramalinga Raju who took full advantage of economic liberalizations and created huge wealth for their Organizations and shared wealth with their employee by giving Companies Shares and profits without accumulating huge wealth for them and their family and regarding creating employment perhaps they are the best in the world at the moment and have exposure of more than 100 billion dollar exports earnings for India amongst them perhaps Ambani Model will commit suicide if they know how many people are employed by Murthy Models of Business . It is estimated that more than 70 lakh people are engaged directly or indirectly in their Companies compare to all family oriented Ambani Adani Models where only 2 to 3 lakh people are employed.

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