WALK DOWN AISLE


A forgotten memory clouded in black
To aspire to know what is forbade….
 Want to track the dream I lost…..
I will not ever let go of my love…..
I declare this is a promise that I have made…..
Proving not to break the memory of our joys we shared……

She swallowed down the pain….
Rubbing her red downy eyes…..
Which haven’t slept for so many nights….
Waiting for the call on her cell phone….

সূক্ষ্ম বালিকণা গুলোকে হাতের মুঠোয় তুলি
চেপে ধরে থাকা সত্ত্বেও আঙুলের ফাঁক দিয়ে ঝোড়ে পড়ে ঝুরঝুরিয়ে
হাতে লেগে থাকে মার্কারির  চকচকে উজ্জ্বল রশ্মি বড্ড চোখে লাগে-
আহুতিতে বালি ঢালার আগে ঘি দিয়ে আগুনের তেজটা বাড়াবার প্রচেষ্টা চলে
ক্লান্তিহীন চোখ সারা রাত উন্নতির চিত্রপট এঁকে চলে পাট কাঠি দিয়ে-

Where have you been…nowhere to be seen…..
It’s your image frozen in times…captured forever….
Feelings, emotions, memory both dreadful and delightful….
But my love…there is no chance of my Return….

There are sounds I hear
but they’re not clear
they are distant
so distant….in the air
they are constant
I want….to hear
them now…..
They fade and fade
into the night….but I want to hear….
I can’t find the… who
or where or what or when
It slips somehow…….

Behold, believers look up,
view symbolic appearance,
complete vision perihelion,
three witness bearing 'suns'!
God omniscient has written,
omnipresent Holy Trinity,
complete perpetuity in canvas sky! 
Waiting for….WE to be One again……

দেবদূত বা দানবীয় প্রেত যেই আসুক গোধূলির সিঁড়ি বেয়ে
আকাশ প্রদীপের আলো নারাজ রাস্তা দেখাতে
যখন সমাধানের পথে পা বাড়াই-
প্রতিটি নিঃশ্বাসে, বালিকণায় তোমার প্রতিদ্বন্দ্বী কাল্পনিক ছায়াকে কাছে পাই
অবশিষ্টাংশ পড়ে থেকে কিছু-
আলোর দিকে জীবন ধেয়ে যায় প্রবল গতিবেগে
ছায়া বন্দী বহ্নিশিখায় বালিকণা এখনও কিছুটা হাতে লেগে...
ঠিক শিশির যেন জড়িয়ে আছে লতায় পাতায়...ভালবাসার ঘুমের আদরে।।

An associate was sleeping in seclusion
 I was the spectator –
 Watching disappointment as night was showing off his face
With awakened eyes submerged in silence
 I was moving to and fro –“thoughts molded with mud”
Someone whispered in human ear
 “Seeking for life –light-belief and secrets”
 I could replace you if you wish
 You could choose your loneliness, your streets, your enemies, your memories
 Anything you wish
 I stammered
 I want to change the lonely autumn
Want to taste doubtful nights
Want to freeze breakdowns – with indestructible bridge
Associates smiled
 He came up with silent eyes
 And said-
See deep into my eyes “I am your wound- feel me,
 Find where I am about to bleed,
 I am your inner voice- peep inside me,
 Find why I am sobbing,
 I am your present –past and future- feel me,
 Why I am standing with you – And why you want to replace Me” –
Feel the bridge between the pretext and context
 You can count me dear.
 With a spark I caught into my own web
 Where - Epilogue was ready in condensed form For a dense momentum…………….no words to say


I have assembled some tokens of poetic myths
It can glide through my shadow under the darkest cover of night
It can follow my footsteps through the rainy mystic image
It can reflect my glimpse in the lost field at midnight
But, what a tragedy!!!
I have misplaced my tokens somewhere into the depth of silence
Where ancient corpse makes a watercourse fabricated with fleeting shadows
I summoned my living dead shadow
For the issue - tokens misplaced
I swear it was not a waste of spirit
I received the ecstatic kiss from the assassin
Obeyed my voice
Controlled my emotions
Invoked me
Adored me –as my flesh trembled in utmost coldest moment
Only one resonant was irrecoverable
The complexity beyond love
I quietly left that night,
In the sealing bottles of semi transparent silent shadows
Never to be used as poetic myths in dictionaries 


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