The Sage’s Burden

He is a creator
that can make the words play
That would surely make one
knowledgeable each day
With diligent passion
he rakes Life's mounted hay
Each discovery
in versified forms he lay
With clarity expose
human's erroneous way
Wise one will masticate
every one word he say
To fools his words will fall
on ears made of clay
Forever will the world
for them is month of May

Misunderstandings and
lies are common pain source
With facts and proofs

reconciliation he set course
Trying to fix the strife
with intellectual force
Eyes bleeding with tears and
voice pleading until hoarse
Yet no one listens
he is left with no recourse
Humanity and the world
to Fate he endorse
Silently sat down
watching lives end in remorse
'Till dusk caught up with him
closing his eyes to dose 

Writing Again

Words we, poets, automatically rhyme 
it comes so easy, it’s not worth a dime 
ideas come, go, reappear in time 
to wake up those, who proved themselves as slime
silence uninvolved is a heinous crime!

Poetry I love, makes me tell the truth 
yet still have control to its painful fruit 
emotions with rushed words must not take root 
for things I can't control, past old and moot 
I would share in style, than wear rags with soot! 

Our world’s affairs, myself I cannot kid 
abuses, killings and scamming we did

religion and science options to bid

honor and compassion, hearts we got rid

all for selfish desires, so stupid! 

Atrocities that makes our world bleed 
just be happy, glamorous life we lead 
faith in love and in God we do not need 
creatures and nature’s cries we do not heed!

deluding ourselves we’re doing fine 
troubles come to our homes we then whine 
after wasting our lives drinking wine 
settle our affairs with the Divine!

We all have run with hardship in Life’s race 
and now we have been given time as Grace 
leave a righteous path for others to trace 
but do it in the most followable pace 
then our hearts shall see God's loving face 

 Kindle the Candles

Pain is like a running river
it flows, drop by drop of sliver
a slow current of nerve quiver
as my body and soul shudder

In one step, in one at a time
I seek myself in the Divine
my tears flow in one straight thin line
as I decide, accept what’s mine
and seconds tick in edges fine

Pain is an exacting healer
just like a soul cleansing liver
open up wounds like a cleaver
to release fear, grief, and anger
for pain is new life weaver

There are such times I do feel down
hiding when there's someone around,

 who, can hear my heart's grieving pound
and  pulls me back to happy ground

Kindle then the healing candles
of my  love, I pray God handles
our past that sadness muddles
in the sea of life one fumbles 

Then soon, I shall hear nature's sound
and see life’s beauty so profound
remember those whose love I’m bound
my Life's purpose again be found


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