Die to reborn and other poems.

Tiger's eyes

The tiger, escaped from the zoo
Wondering streets under the falling snow
The miracle in middle of the summer, actually two
Not every day you meet the beast, crossing the road

He stopped before car, staring at me
Magnificent, fur decorated with a snowflakes
For few minutes of tete-a-tete we understood
Connected on the higher level, swapping places

Forgetting barrier of the misjudgement
Exchanged the positions , his eyes merged mine
Experience out of body, It was me this tiger
Caged,angry, finally escaping , free

And nature inaugural snow, guest surprising summer
Kept collapsing on the ground, engaging flowers in guessing game
Is it a winter came, we opened the petals in wrong time or miracle
The sign from heaven maybe not for them, but for me to accept

by Margaret Gudkov

Die to reborn

Die to reborn as petal on the daisy
You touching gently, casting away to wind
He loves me, he loves me not
I'll be the last , saying he loves you , yes indeed

Jumping for joy , twisting and turning
No thought given to the petal, crushed under dancing feet
Glad to be of service to beloved, dying again I will reborn
Helping to build the solid foundation unknowingly to her

She lost me, crying waterfalls of sorrows
Laying for months in the lethargic absence
Not wanting to get up, eating like a mouse
Raising the wall of silent resignation

Her eyes are sparkling with lovely bubbles now
The sadness gone , melting into blue fog
I am here near my wonderful beloved, trembling
Came back to earth to benefact, she must of felt the angel's presence

by Margaret Gudkov

The dream of love

The dream of love
Opened door for me to enter
Divine aroma veiled senses into foggy spell
Hesitated I , shaken by the view , sipping through
Slightly ajar ingress, knees gave it up , collapsing body

Spreading on the floor, I closed my eyes
Afraid when reopen will not chance upon heavenly vision
Mirage invaded to tease already fooled mind into the game
With the mistrust unglued eyes from doubtful seal
Door was still open, inviting to come in

Tiptoed at my own risk
Almost tripping on the huge boulder in the middle
I stepped ahead, reading the Shakespeare's sonnets
Hanging on the trees, forgetting 16 century is over
That is a modern love dream without writing poetry to lady
Without picking strategically dropped kerchief, pressing it to lips
No serenading under balcony or asking in politeness to hold hand
The modern times have no place for gentle courtship
Love moved on the net, turning upside down all the norms
Remembering i went too far , stopped reading
Waking up and grinning , what a weird dream it was 


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