Everywhere that I look
ı see fences so tall as trees
I wonder if it was a dream
what was carved in my memory
That once upon a time
there was the sun
and it shone with power
on human kind
and the colour of sea
shimmering in the moon light
was the source
for the love in our hearts
I wonder if we ever find real love
or else something real
to make a woe
and tiptoe
on this slippery misty land
pass the land of monsters
and demons
and reach the beginning
where the grass smelled fresh
and we could roll on it
and giggle
and always have things
to remember
instead of forget
Happiness still tastes well
in my mouth
and I remember it
once upon a time....
A talk in silence...

 He said: "unpack",
in compassion.
I said "But too many I carry",
In disbelief
He said, "trust"
I remembered "disappointment"
He extended one hand
I said, "I needed two
and a bit more"
He said "he had no power"
ı looked in tears
and turned around
revealed the bruises
He said "I will mend them"
I said "how?"
He said " I am confused"
I said "clarity"
He said "unconditional love"
I said but how and when
He said "wait"
I looked at my watch
and nodded in dispair
"No more time"
My birthday cake...

 Another year, and the same old song
the number of the candles
on my birthday cake
ridiculously rise
in front of my amazed eyes
and memories snapshot
once more passes with every
click sound
on the camera of my crumbled brain
and a glare of pride
secretly falls on my eyes
seeing that I wrote life
in blood
and grasped sun's hands
and dragged it inside
and moved on
as I had fun
on bits and pieces
I gathered from here and there
and at times created
out of zero
Funny this complexion
on the mirror
started to change
into maturity
when inside
a child mischievously
roaming about
to find the lost parts
through ruthless years
and now  ı smile
and remember
how ı had hope
in every single year
always hurrying about
not to lose precious time
and my heart always anxious
always restlessly
beating so loud
to the sound of life...


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