I feel like I am going to lose you
I feel like I am going to lose you

Rather than lather up my body in soap sudsy beauty I collapse in my fear-driven state of mind
setting up fret
gripping my pounding chest directly smelling her aroma scent
your skipping out stampede unveiling her dress
Submerging into her nakedness while I am starring at your indecisiveness claiming to love my voluptuous which confuses why you're alright with quenching your thirstiness
While driving to her I bet my critical mental health weakens your lust no less
There are many whose handsomeness I could come to refresh my sexy with
Suck up my heaviness
slide in my nightgown turn around
and tell you tales of my late surround sound
drowns your questioning who am I studying
until early morning
Cussing and fuming you would be
Asking me questions like how could you do this to me
But the betterment ranges the stupidity of including another
Into this slow moving whirlpool of unruly
My investigative moves are on duty at all hours
You think I haven't noticed when you come home and not jump
But leap in the shower washing away the hot fire her lava laid on your tower
Pucker up to me and I keep a cringe look on my face because it aches my soul
Can smell your vice is worn in the blazing cologne you put on
To hide her
Doesn't matter she left a passion bite
That's right
So I could see it
Disclosed the revelation of your secret I speak to it
So you let her put a mark on you
I didn't know that's what she was gonna do
Does she know about me and you
Or am I your cake and she you allow to feed you
Your studdering is unbecoming
But let me help you out
I am not about to continue
Creating this love triangle
Makes me want to strangle the life out of you
But catching a case isn't worth the hatred I feel for you
Quit trying to explain
My pain relief isn't in plain view

Catch 22
When I open my eyes to you
The clarity of my cloudy vision
Shows the genuine is no longer hidden
Seeing now every vow I made to never again be with you
Blew right out of the window I cracked open enjoying the morning dew
My eyes laid upon your carmel skin
Without hesitation
I laid right back down in the tyranny of our romantic whirlwind
Many criticized
Why Oh Why
Would you go back with him
Helplessly I battle the discreet of our ecstasy while tirelessly fighting the eager head spin
The vertigo I'm trapped in
By your vital alluring stamina
Your passionate kiss has me intoxicated
I'm derived in a drunken state I hate being in
But I am
I just can't keep my hands off of you
My feelings deeper than logic what am I supposed to do
While smiling inside dying
Wondering why me
Why must my love life complicate
The love strife
I am elated
My breaths
Involves high pressure you stated I involuntarily shock you into a straight and narrow
I want not to imprison you but evolve you to enhance your masculine
Justifiably I cannot bank on wishes and
Coulda beens
We have to see past our escapades and evaluate the rewinded mistakes we made
Are we able to elevate
Or stagnate
Stagnation is not a gamble that I can risk
Making sensuality the number one priority
Is what caused the derailed history that compelled our separating
So what's it going to be
I can't waste more minutes and hours while the sweetness of my soul sours and propels my distrust if you're not the one
My next one will take forever for me to trust
I would rather leave briskly now
yes it will hurt me but
Not to the point of a depressed alienated rut
More like a paper cut
Let me know now this way I will leave with a strut
Not collapsed face down
You wouldn't want that
Would you
Looks to me like this is a Catch 22


The atmosphere is widely providing real estate to invade your hiding
Studying my challenging risk taking images I'm purposefully providing
Feelings undying in duress I sprinkle my loving gaze on you as you turn away enamored by my slim fitting dress
I play on your captivation
I know it throws you off since my movement swoons your mental penetration
without your reservation to rest in my aura
So it confuses you to no end
Need I advise you I transcend into your hemisphere and intrude your quiet thoughts
You have no escape
But if you did honestly would you partake
Dismissing my memory from your vitality
Reversing any moment we teased and sharpened my loosened harp strings
I infiltrate your dream's love scenes as your breaths become pants you quickly submerge into a trance
Don't mistaken the wisk of my delicate soul
I chose to hold
It has been shown to you in whole
That's why your under sold on the vast varieties of willing souls that love your mold
But know not of your soul
Your hurt
Your fear
Your love
We both know its uneasy for you
To me its even hard for you to show
The vulnerable
Step into the openess
No judgment will I possess
But there would be many that profess
And lie
You know this that's your hidden battle
The most you normally show is a shadow
How can one love only one dimension
When two others are missing
Interrupting your feelings
Takes an eternity
Genuinely for others just months would it take
As they are played
The meer fact the stress of a cold pack  the drizzled ice in your heart
to many would assume you heartless
My increased intuition reflects to differ you are more than priceless


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