LITTLE LINES –a piece of advice  

LITTLE LINES –a piece of advice

Even when the ''go'' is tough
And every path is a bend or curve
Don't relent, don't say ''enough''

-Smooth lands are next after the rough!

Even when the land seems steep
And every climb force you to weep
Keep the move, don't cease to leap

-Success, I see would be your reap!

Even when the ''push'' is gone
And life seems bitter and filled with scorns
Don't take a turn, ''return'' please shun

-After darkness arise the sun!

Even when this poet is dead
And all his words cannot be read
Keep in mind, recall He said:

''Without thick heat, flour won't be bread!''


TELL AYOKA, my mother

I have witnessed

…the death
Of many hills
Who died the death
Of gradual tractor graze.

I have witnessed

…the fall
Of many mountains
Who crumbled before
 The feet of bastard bulldozers.

I have witnessed

…how forests became factories
How beaches became bridges
Day became a night and
Plays became fight.

I have witnessed

…how jollies became enemies
Wrong became right and
Teeth vacate the gums.

I have witnessed

…how kobo(s) became millions
How shawls became hearse
And lost became found.

I have witnessed

…the betrayal of hypocrites
The abduction of tomorrow
And the runaway of statues.

I have witnessed

…how grasses disguised like trees
How liars were called to lead
And madness –a word for sanity.

I have witnessed

How sorrows replaced happiness
How birth deposed barrenness
And silence was gutted by noise.

I have witnessed

…how love
Was payed with hates
How trust was a broken plate
And wisdom was traded for foolishness

I have witnessed

…the starving of the wealthy
…the drowning of a fish
…the rise of a fallen lad.

*AYOKA* = The name of the poet's mother


If stones were gold and everywhere
And sold for free all here and there
How rich our men would be?

If smiles on face are nothing rare
And every man for a must must cheer
How happy the heart would be?

If righteousness is the ship we fare
And truth is that with which we steer
How fulfilled our life would be?

If honesty becomes the air
And every-nose has its own share
How healed our world would be?

If wisdom is all human’s care
And for it search, we all would dare
How wise everyone would be?

If love is placed so high and dear
And man to man becomes a pair
How peaceful our land would be?



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