The Miracle of Life:
Creation and evolution, which is valid?
Two cells fused to become one,
within days this cell becomes two, four,
eight, sixteen, thirty-two, sixty-four,
hundreds, thousands,
millions, billions, even trillions.

Within weeks the multiplying
cells in clusters travel through a
channel into a permanent home-
a naturally created home,
very un-usual in form, design, and

A home where the secret of life is
a home where hidden and
wonderful transformation of
little known miracle develops
into a phenomenon-
a bouncing baby nine months, after.

 Congratulations! Congratulations!!
“A boy or a girl?”
That’s the question
everyone asks, when a child is

 The journey to this question
begins with one-fifth inch
C shaped embryo,
which becomes manifest
under a scan check,
forty-two days after conception.

 As delicate as the embryo is-
within it, is the genetic code-
Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA)
located in nearly every cell nucleus;
a replicable, wonderful, and
a memory micro-chips-
the instruction manual for body
growth and development.

 Like a charted course on a map or
a book with chapters and
verses that highlights a specific
theme and character,
so with DNA.

 With DNA body development begins
with differentiations,
as several billion bases  packed into 
tens or hundreds  of thousands genes
in multiple of  twenty-three 
paired chromosomes
go into action.

 Retroflexed DNAs begin to unwind,
individualization takes place
as similar DNA cells begin forming
different body parts in a
harmonious , but significantly,
in arithmetical progression
of addition by increment or auxesis.

More so,
through multiplication by growth,
division through segmentation, and
subtraction through elimination;
body structure progresses from a
simpler or lower form to a more
advanced, mature, and
complex stage.

 Touch your head, close your eyes,
hold your ears,  raise your hands,
jump on your legs;
shout with your mouth,
sit down on your buttocks.

 Place hand on your chest,
hold your breath for seconds,
picture the digestive tract from
mouth to the abdomen.

 Reflect on reproductive organs-
penis, virginal, and breasts;
imagine several tens of glands with
thousands of hormones they produce.

 Examine the circulatory system with
billions of inter-connected veins or grids
that transports blood and nutrients
to body parts.

Wait a minute, as you brood on
the most  important body fluid-blood-
a four composite fluid-red, white,
platelets, and plasma.

 Think over saliva- the hydrostatic
lubricant that’s essential for digestion;
remember semen and female egg-
life perpetuating materials in humans.

 Examine waste management system-
the complex process of waste
disposal from the body;
look at several activities of daily living-
sleeping, eating, shower, toileting,
working, exercise, sexual-relations.

 Examine the human brain-
the fluid-filled cavities of-forebrain,
midbrain, and hindbrain;
imagine its specialized areas-
cerebellum, cortex, stem, dura, and
basal ganglia.

 How about the lobes?
Frontal, parietal, temporal, and

 Have you ever given thought to
this three-pound-organ-seat of human
intelligence, message creation, and
Have you ever considered your
body coordination, balancing,
and movement?
Have you ever ponder over
your habit and behavior, and
ask for the responsible organ?

 Can you envisage a life without 
writing and documentation?
Can you image a life
without mental and
memory ability?

 What happens to a life without
hearing,  sight, thinking,
vocalization, and
sound moral composition?
Picture a life without-love,
kindness, peace,
altruism, care, and gentleness.

 These are few viewpoints
that constitute miracle called-

Amazingly, multiple biological,
physiological, anatomical, and
emotional processes unfold
simultaneously during the nine
month period;
a period marked  by gradual and
series of physical and
chemical developments.

 As body grows,
so too, each part does
even assumes responsibility within,
in preparation for life outside  womb.

 Each passing week of 
the thirty-six to forty week
gestation period comes
with mouth-gaping development;  
though, the development and growth
aren’t rapid,
yet there are landmark changes that 
take place by days and weeks
as body continues to take shape 
structurally and emotionally.

 Interestingly, this biological
process within may not be
fully comprehended,
even with the use of combined
advanced technology of
Ultrasound and
Magnetic Resonance now
use in cancer treatment,
which may someday applies
to study pregnancy related issues.

Life duplication and continuation
through sexual-relations between
a man and a woman explains
one of the several wonders
in our cosmos.

Is man-a product of-
creation or evolution?
Did man has a maker or
evolved through the
natural selection by mutation and

Have survivalists or
proponents of survival of
the fittest theory answer certain
biological and anatomical
questions about human life?

 As we ponder over these questions,
let creationists and evolutionists-
provide us with more of sound
argument and reasoning on this
miracle of Life.

With reasonable and sound
argument in place-
man-the only moral agent
in the universe will certainly
give a sound and meritorious 
answer-to the question:
creation or evolution-
which is Valid?


In her stomach, I had lain for
three hundred days,
a single, but multi-purpose  room;
there I slept and played
there I ate and bathed.

A blanket that warmed me in winter,
the linen that refreshed me in summer;
a protective cover of all times and seasons,
a shield from harm and disease.

 A gymnasium of every sort-
where I ran and skipped,
where I relaxed  when wanted and
where I changed body position,
whenever necessary.

 Her discomfort was my comfort,
her varied and numerous pains 
gave way to my happiness  and
joy within.
Her groaning, I care less to know,
her overweight, the load I passed
over to her,
her swollen legs and arms-
my waste she carried.

 Her arms my couch and sofa of
three years,
her breasts-
my never-run-out-food-pantry;
her legs the spinning chairs
that always put me to sleep.

 Her laps I bed wet for years,
her clothes I turned to diapers
to hold my waste;
her head-tie I used as
handkerchief to clean my face.

 Her back-a mobile crèche
with no equal;
her mouth-the lullaby gramophone
devoid of musical instruments,
yet unbeatable by any world
class musician.

 My cries she understands,
my pain, she bears and soothes;
my joy we both share-
when I smile, she laughs.
My concern her concern,
my emotions, she reads easily,
my feelings, she interprets
with correctness.

 Her name I knew before
other names,
her voice, I recognized with
her face, the first image ever
recorded in mind.

 When I play she responds positively,
modest, yet very inviting were
her challenges for my growth and
out of love, she challenged me
to begin walk step-by-step.

 Challenged me to crawl by
throwing dice at me,
tasked me to stand up
raising objects atop of me;
tasked me to walk by holding
my hands,
taught me how to run
by running with me.

 From her I learned the first
lesson of life,
all-round teacher in those
formative years;
all-time companion,
who does not abandon
even in tough times.

 The inner room counsellor-
who assures, supports, and
shall I forget you,
even with a few failings
and noticeable errors?

 Never! Never!! Never!!!
May you continue to live,
let your pride of motherhood
manifest to ALL.


Located in Sarajevo plains
within Dinaric Alps in the Balkans,
surrounded by several mountains-
Treskavica, Bjelasnica,
Jahorina, Trebevic, and Igma;
Sarajevo is a city to behold.

 Sarajevo-“the palace in the plains”
a city of four  municipalities: old,
center, new city and new Sarajevo;
a city with centuries of historical
A city of many and varied cultures-
more so,  a city where ancient
civilization co-exist with modernity-
that has created a diversity
very uncommon in the Balkans and

 Sarajevo-the pride of Balkans,
the city of Orthodox, Christians,
Islam, Judaism, and Catholicism;
the “Jerusalem of Europe and
“of the Balkans.””

 The heartland of social and
cultural activities of Bosnian
and Herzegovina,
the hub and epicenter  of
Serbian nationalism.

 A city with a strong passion
for freedom, ready to go
extra mile to defend her
when under threat.

 The city of wonders-
first in Europe to “have
full-time electric tram network”;
the city where history is
always made,
the city where earthshaking
events always emanate.

 Once upon a time,
Sarajevo was a sanjak
(district) of Ottoman  Empire,
at another time, Sarajevo became
eyalet (province) of  Ottoman Empire;
in times past-a vilayet of
through 1878 Berlin Treaty.

 For more than seven decades,
Sarajevo was a part of former
the worst of her struggles
took place in early nineties
following the one-thousand-
day-siege by Yugoslav People’s

But today, it is a city
with her destiny in her hands,
after centuries of
struggle and resistance from
several foreign domination.


The Bullets that Changed
the World.

 The day was Sunday,
June 28, 1914,
the place is Sarajevo,
the actors were:
Archduke Franz Ferdinand,
Sophie, Duchess of
Hohenberg, and Gavrilo Princip.

 The event-the assassination of
heir presumptive to
Austria-Hungary throne,
aftermath-the ultimatum-
handled down to  Sarajevo by

Diplomatic crisis-among
European powers,
the outcome-the Great War or
World War One.

 World War One!
Yes, World War One;
what started as a
punishment to Sarajevo-
later turned to a
conflagration in Europe.

 Europe became divided
into: Axis and Triple Entente-
voice of reasoning and
tongues of wisdom were lost-
because no one was ready to
listen to the other,
as each group rolled out
war drums.

 The four-year Great War,
redefined the world,
even, when it seems a new
world was created-
this world  lost its balance and gait
as soon as it was created.

 Unfortunately, the Great War,
by all standards is
worse than Napoleonic
Wars of 1803-1815 that ravaged
Europe with more than six million
harvests from:
battle fields to diseases,
starvation,  and other war atrocities.

 The madness and bloodbath
in Europe soon spread,
other regions around the globe
became involved in the crisis
originally from Europe  or
once called European affairs.

 With what outcome,
hundred years after?
Catastrophe of high
calamities, tragic, and bizarre
events that have defied 

 Since World War One,
human civilization has come
under damaging attack,
dis-order has replaced

Relative political stability of
several centuries was
lost overnight,
violent change of government
by military and revolutionary
forces became a norm.

 Even where representative
democracy replaced dynasties,
the stability and survival
of such governments 
is always threatened by
military, poverty, corruption, and
other social evils, which post
1914 era created with no cure.

 Notwithstanding scientific
feat of 20th century,
regardless of the two
commanding ideologies-
capitalism and communism-
that defined mankind’s new
ways of life:
greed, deceit, and corruption in
governments, commerce and
businesses have created
more calamities for humankind;
today, more people live
in poverty than centuries
before 1914.

 Even more unfortunately,
is the new found culture
that has changed
human society
from care to care less,
love to hate, reasoning to
debate and argument,
persuasion to force,
violence and bloodletting.

Worse still, human society
replaced negotiation by
force-it-down-throat, and
from brotherhood to
fanatical nationalism.

 As Sarajevo commemorates
June 28, 1914-
the World will never forget
the sour or bitter taste
the day left in its mouth.

 Also, the World will always
remember many Sweeteners
it has taken to reduce the
but the bitter or sour taste
refused to abate.

[The last two items are a single poem; this work commemorates the
Centenary celebration of the First World War which happened
between 1914 and 1918.]


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