Fill me with intrigue Voice of Love,
Give me the zest from up Above.
Show me the life I am to lead,
Guide and guard my every deed.

 Fill me with hope and reverence,
Be my dream and my incense.
Create the allure that evades dark,
Bringing back Voice that hits Mark.

Where truth of existence is of Life,
I am who I am the Creators' Wife.
With prayers of love ringing ALL,
As tears of heart now gently fall.

Cleansing and healing blood of Love,
As I shower with blessings from Above.
Knowing the truth that once had pain,
Bringing back Life within Angelic strain.

Showing no other could steal the heart,
Except One with Waves World Apart.
Showing the music splashing on Rock,
Resonating the volume on every dock.

Where no other can see heart so true,
Bringing back Universe everyone knew.
With love and treasure bound with Love,
Grant me your strength from up Above.

I feel your message and hear your voice,
Love of all Ages I have made a choice.
Bringing in forever just to be with you,
For this is my world I Love You True.

Come with me now stand up with pride,
Your Coveted wish will never be denied.
I watched you through ages finding way,
Revealed my true life of Who I am today.

I am Who I am the Creator with You,
The Sun, the Flower, the One in Blue.
Holding all Nature the Power of Love,
I am who I want to be in heavens Above.

I have come forth and taken you in Life,
Bringing back salvation healing all strife.
For I looked and saw your dream in heart,
Have made things REALITY from world apart.

Don't ever doubt me for I am always there,
Your Life and true love just everywhere.
I hold you tenderly as I now make a choice,
You know me better when I say it in voice.

I whisper your name in wind that blows,
Showing your resplendence sparkling snows.
Throw shimmering lace as I adorn your Love,
Bringing the truth of Life from heavens Above.

Granting you scents that speaks from a Rose,
The Magical Sun from seat where love grows.
With riotous colours that shines every heart,
You are my Planet Earth with a New Start.

With Love like gravity that is whole and true,
Attracting me instantly with Shades of Blue.
Bringing me to cover you with Life's Veil,
Protecting you completely from darks gale.

Pushing back the pain that came in stone,
Pulling you back home to ascend throne.
Showing forever within Universe Above,
For you are my sweetheart of purest Love.

 With you I create this world all now see,
We are together in true essence of ME.
I will love you forever never ever to part,
For this is Our Universe our Magical Start.

With that Planet Earth stood with Sun moon Stars,
Showing the truth withing the true Valley of Flowers.
Every soul is known and marked with great pride,
For we work in synergy from the heavens inside.

By Anisha Achankunju (C) Lady Aiyanna 20th April 2014


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