Love-Candy (Sweet)

Hear my candy song –
Breathe –
Vapours of elliptic
Sour kisses:
Dream like ice –
Where gets the penny to
The candy-store…
There gets my
Things to fill in
The happy-gifts
Cherished along
To candy hearts –
Break the ice!
Well given!
When clears the throat
To a new solid finale –
Pointed to
Hard ground – drowned ready…
To the steering roads.
2014 ©
Yokeboy23 à The most amazing writer is on both of our hands, life has never been this incredible, Mint. J. Lol!
Michael à Mint, the anonymous person here is a real writer or a musician I reckon, so embrace it. Yes. J.

Love Candy (Ice)

Where love- mutters:
Elliptic roses
Dashed past –
Reasons to:
Wear our times –
To scratch.

Love, lovability,
Lovable mess,
To the candy-coated vest,
Stick out the –
Lush sentence –
Wear out
The ice on zest:
Candy breathes out
Sentiments –
Get forlorn – ice!
So fine –
Love matchsticks
To shine
The ice on the rhine,
The road on the wine -
Breathes out sighs of
Love-iced on price
The dasher’s ice and skates
To the candy lake!
2014 ©

 Love Candy (Juice)

Breaks on:
Ice it…
Mark it:
Turn it out right!
Candy Love,
Breaks the news,
Tempers the cry-
Treats it boozed;
Candy-busted love;
Cries forth –
Cinnamon dreams,
Candy shone to cry more –
Topaz tongue reigns the sweet:
On high,
Pulses sent,
Into slings of hot drenched;
Flavours in tangible mess –
Best bets on your candy treason,
Seismic brush-in;
Coated seismic thing of a binge in –
Treason spills,
Condescending ice-warm tendencies,
Bring to me
The tender lies;
Coated in –
A seismic forlorn dance
Of glitter pranced:
In ice-on-drones.
2014 ©


Where prances in the ice on candy and the cakes on wine,
There prances time in the realities to bear the match,
Where one big batch and the catch gets spilled,
Wherefore the match of the candy-batch does the cat
Get to the stutters of the rats and the roads down the bills?
Where do the candy dances do the square prances on the hop-skotch key?
Where does the hop and the skotch roam the gees and the candy-coated ways reaped out to me?
So where the candy coats roll the moats are ways to the candy rolls so fine,
So if my appearance ain’t that fine the candy-rolls brush the trolls out to joys in the candy-bunch –

To the candy lush of the candy crush;
Will I get so much from the candy store,
All around the nightingale shall I roll the moor?
On the candy punch-lines should I roll the might,
Shout at me on candy-cane whispers of the night!
Where I roll the rights to the candy-pleasure and the bush
Comes in -
On the candy sin!

On the candy sin -
And the brush goes round!
To the candy elephant to the reaps done around -
To the candy-coated theory of bush raves-abound!
To the candy nightingale of papers wrapped in –
For the candy wraps could never amount to a gin –
For the gin and tush could have the candy coats turned down,
When I turn around the candy night roams in,
For the candy squares to have my tush run down,
To the candy-clowns and where the day breaks in -
For the candy squares I love to prance a dare,
For the candy coats I turn the moats all down,
To the candy art to where my life rolled by,
To the candy crying to the bush rolls in,
To the candy gin,
To the candy gin!
2014 ©


It bears the burdens of a song
Wrapped in candy.
Well I heard the elliptic murmurs
Of the candy-punch and the swirls
Which when luscious yet sour to the core
Placed me to a moment of
Joy –
A combination of harsh and light
A whirl of tears which could have always
Amounted to
All that ever had the gut bite-the-candy-harsh,
Until all the gulp of my tears tilled out
To one fragmentation of a moment,
Churned out to the rest of
The times,
Set squared out to the simmers
Of an end in hope.
The candy and the crunch
Melted away
Into a soft little moment
Of joy –
Which shot right past me,
Up to where I took the spills,
To where the tangy tastes
Watered out with lush
And awe,
Kept neat,
Yet punched out
To a reality
Dazed in
A sunburnt glance.

The candy-coated reason
Knew where to take me
For a ride on the thrill side
Of a glance,
Where the wrappers and I
Wept solemnly


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