Unknown | 6/10/2014 |


Give up not for this part…
For your heart will surely gasp,
You have to rest but not too long,
Be strong and never try to prolong,
For the part is hard and too tight,
One step at a time to move on,
Here are evil dwelling and merry,
He is the owner of this part,
In this part you have to be faithful,
You have to be wise and be grateful!

Give up not for this part…
For this part harder more than life,
For this part shorter than time,
For this part greater than man,
For this part stronger than iron,
For you know that death is thicker than life,
For you know words sharper than sword,
For you know that touch is better than call,
For you know that church is better than court,
For you know that pretenders wicked than thugs!

In this part promise is a debt…
The wages of sin is death!
The flesh can not reach the extreme!
For this part is far and always uphill,
Maybe the spirit will bring it victory,
And maybe the spirit will still come back to flesh,
And tell the flesh how the end point is!
Maybe the road can slide man at end point!
If only the flesh can remember the spirit,
Since a minute old you seek these secrets!

In this part there will be leaders…
Even evil will set eyes on your doom,
Even you may choose yourself a leader,
Masses will turn against you like rebellion,
You will call them betrayers they will be your undoing,
It will be worse when they answer with betrayals,
Some will come to tell you your morrow,
They can not tell their own even know not their bone,
They will read your stars that they can’t even name,
They will answer you seeking your naught!

If you’re not wise you will fall for their words…
This part is not what we can withstand,
But he who know the genesis will lead,
It is tough but give up not,
In this part you will be poor and rich,
In this part if you are rich you will lead,
In this part if poor you will fall,
This part is very good and yet the worst part,
Now my strength goes against powers that be,
Confidence is mine I will never relent!


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