Bernard Owor

Unknown | 6/10/2014 |


When your world is in chaos let my words take control
Word by word let them charm you and sweep you away
To a place of marvel, of beauty and of pure poetic bliss
Let their poetic sensations slowly and softly fill your body
From head to toe, tune you to their rhythmic poetic flow
Relax, just concentrate and let them clear your mind
As your frustrations and disappointments begin to fade
And as your troubling thoughts quickly start to disappear
Let my words of passion seduce you and give you comfort
They are versed to fulfill your secret and intimate desires
Let them pump your blood with nothing but pleasure
Let them calm your nerves with unimaginable poetic ecstasy
As they sink in much deeper and deeper let them touch your heart
And embrace it with warmth against this cold, cold world
They are a poetic concoction brewed like a magical portion
Let them grace you with clarity in a world gone crazy
Let them empower you with strength when you feel weak
Indulge in their loving presence when you feel so lonely
Satisfaction guaranteed they are sworn only to serve you
They are waves of raw emotions that wash like a poetic tide
When you’re overcome by everyday life let them carry that burden
When you’re blinded by fears and doubts let them give you sight
When you’re lost and confused let them light and mark your path
When you’re sad and blue let them shower you with tidings of joy
When you plunge into darkness let them shine you a poetic flame
The reason they exist is to give you wings and make your dreams fly
They are meant to give you hope and arm you with soul inspiration
They’re here to cover your weaknesses and enforce your strengths
They are designed to sing and voice out loud the songs of the voiceless
They come to bestow inner peace and aid you on your road to enlightenment.


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