Unknown | 6/10/2014 |

Shameless Acrostic 
The footprints of the Moon have filled my palms
while your huge breasts are tumbling down to my dreams
the hazy manifest of death has picked on my lungs
when I woke up and held to my mouth
a 100 mm caliber tobacco barrel
I have lined up as a shameless acrostic
from top to bottom of the white page of your skin
my mouth is solitary and my hands are mute in your absence
the narrow streets of your body are opening to lust
Now, we are like a colon
swimming to the new definitions.
it’s a sweaty rebellion against death
which is organized on our skins
as a snowdrop rising from inside of the white invasion.
At the very time my dreams are bleeding
because of the hopes tangent to my life
while my hairs were combed to sorrow
my darling, you have seduced me like Trojan Horse
one by one the sorrowful castles of my heart have fallen
Let’s wave the naughty kite of your breath
all along through the sky of my chest .


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